Sausage Factory

Warning: there are bad words in the sausage factory.  You have been warned.

Animating Theory

I have a number of things that I want to use Captain Domestic to say.  I know that this is backwards, and the proper series of events is
  1. Author tells interesting or amusing story
  2. Literary people and students analyze to deduce themes
Fuck that.  I'm no author, so I'm gonna write my own themes, thank you very much.  Here's my plan:
  1. Author decides what philosophical points to make
  2. Author builds story around those themes
  3. World is enlightened
  4. Students write papers getting the themes totally wrong, but the author doesn't care because he enlightened the fucking world!
OK, now that that's all established what themes does the generous author want to bestow upon this fine world?  Thanks for asking.  Here's a list (in no particular order):
  • Gender roles suck, men baking cookies = awesome
  • The just-world hypothesis is the root of untold suffering in the world.  Seriously, shit happens, causality is slippery.
  • The world is getting better every day.  Don't let any moron tell you otherwise.
  • Some part of suffering is caused by grasping.  That part can be alleviated by either (a) getting what you want or (b) stopping the grasping. (oh snap, did he just slip some Dharma in?)
  • The voice-overs in "Burn Notice" are awesome.
  • The fact that some cops are assholes does not make you cause just or unjust.
  • Trying to do the right thing may result in a worse outcome.
  • Don't give in to fatalism.  Even if your life sucks, the average human life keeps getting better, so you can always live vicariously through the next generation.
Damn, I might have too much in there.  Scratch everything.  I'm gonna write a funny book that'll make you feel good.