The Myth. The Man. The Baked Goods.

One day I'll get around to telling the story of Captain Domestic, his trusty sidekick Cookie Boy, and the nefarious Candy Lad.

It'll be an amazing opus.  With story arcs and character development and that jazz.

But nobody cares about that.  The most important part is the cookie recipes in each issue.

At the moment, and for the foreseeable future, Captain Domestic is a work in progress.  I want to deliver a coherent, finite graphic novel that is tightly scripted and delivered in one beautiful chunk, though the art will be serialized.  Until the finished product starts to appear, all you'll find here are notes, plotting and sketches.  If you believe in my ability to actually pull this off, you may want to wait to read anything here until I start releasing official content to avoid spoilers and confusion.  While you wait I can introduce you to several investment opportunities in the perpetual-motion field.

For the curious and impatient, feel free to delve into the Sausage Factory.