Winter Work List

Here's what is on the agenda for Nightswimmer thsi winter:
1. Replace watertight U-Bolt on bow. Re think inner blocking to add support.  Minor bump into the float a few weeks back pushed the U-bolt inwards, popping the washer over the dogs.  Won't hurt anything, and I did tighten everything up, but can't hurt to beef this up.
2. Re-bed all deck hardware.
3. Replace lifelines.
4. Replace middle shrouds (shorten starboard side 1/2 inch.
5. Re-assemble masthead sheaves. 
6. Lengthen Port spinnaker  halyard.
7. Change backstay to rope (add 18 inches).  Correct cascading system. 
8. Change checkstays to rope.
9. Awlgrip topsides.
10. Correct dented fiberglass on port-bottom, midway.
11. Longboard bottom and add new coat of Vivid white.
12. Replace wiring in mast, check and repair any non-working running lights.  Add steaming light, add masthead light.
13. Service outboard.
14. Replace floorboard.
15. Fix bow hatch dogs.
16. Service winches.
17. Re-varnish all wood.
18. Re-mount stereo, and replace speakers.
19. Replace electric pump.
20. Replace interior lights.
21. Tape tiller extension foam.
22. Check all safety equipment.
23. Fill all bumpers.
24. Upgrade anchor line.
25. Correct mainsheet attachment point on boom, re-run and correct outhaul.