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- Keep Condo Clean By Proper Trash Disposal

posted Oct 15, 2009, 1:20 PM by Arturo Correa   [ updated Jun 5, 2012, 6:42 PM ]
    Regarding proper garbage disposal, we kindly remind you to:

  • Always tie up garbage bags securely (and double bag if necessary) to avoid dripping oil and other items on the hallways and trash rooms (also to avoid spilling garbage inside the chute as it sticks to the walls and creates fouls odors).
  • Not leave items inside any chute or dumpster room.   All items must be deposited either in the chute or directly inside the dumpster at ground level.   
  • Haul away from the property items such as mattresses, appliances, furniture, construction materials and any other large household discards.   Any of these items may not be left (even temporarily) in any area of the complex.
  • Haul away from the property flammable and dangerous discards such as household chemicals, oils, paints, and batteries.  To dispose such items please call Miami-Dade County at 305.597.1768.
  • If you delegate disposing garbage to children or visitors, please make sure that they are following the rules.

Large Item Disposal
Periodically, the association provides an extra dumpster for disposing large discards (provided they fit) .     The exact date will posted on the onsite bulletin boards as well as on this site.

City Dump Info:

Currently neither the city of North Miami nor Miami-Dade county have any public city dumps.   You must use a trash and junk removal service permitted by the County.  Please also note that any trash pickup the city currently provides is for houses (not condominiums or apartments).


We recommend to:

1)  Only use licensed contractors and arrange that they remove any trash and construction debris upon completion of their work.

2)  For furniture and appliances, arrange the old pieces to be removed upon delivery of replacement items.  This is often done at a nominal fee or even included in the cost of delivery of new items.

Donation Centers*:

  Salvation Army 

  Goodwill (located right behind property on West Dixie Highway).

    Please call ahead to inquire if they offer free pickup and what items are allowed.

Haul Away Services may be found in the local yellow pages.

* Note:  we provide this information for reference only and do not endorse any particular private service.

    We ask the cooperation of all residents in enforcing these rules by reporting any violation to the management office.  Violations are subject to fines and charges for removal cost.