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Improvements 2013

June 24, 2013

As you may have noticed, there has been a lot of construction activity in the property.   Many improvements have been completed and many more are on their way.  They currently include: Elevators Overhaul, New Fire Alarm System,  Roof Parapet Walls Refurbishing, Plumbing and Drains Repairs, and Gate Panel Upgrades.   

Major Project Highlights:

Elevators:  Elevators are being completely overhauled to the latest safety standards and equipment.   For progress status click here

Fire Alarm System:  In compliance with the latest safety regulations, the entire alarm system is being upgraded.   The new system includes new sensors in every unit and is integrated with the elevator alarm system.   

Roof Parapet Walls: The roof parapet walls in building C and building B have been renovated (building A is still in good shape).    This is part of a larger on-going roof restoration project.    

Main Storm Drain:  The  main drain pipe on A building parking lot has been replaced.  This has helped alleviate flooding issues in the area.

Gate Panel Upgrade:  The north side entrance gate panel (where visitors dial units) has been upgraded.   In addition to greater reliability, the new panel will allow programming of additional codes per unit.  Please contact the office if we were unable to program your number in the past.

Gym:  We will be refurbishing the gym during the month of July.   Upgrades will include better and more modern equipment.  We will post once project is completed.