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- Save money on your electrical bill - part 1

FPL - Energy Saving Resources

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According to FPL, the bulk of you electric bill is XXX

Air Conditioning: 
Major Appliances:  

Water Heaters:
Stand-by Devices and Charges.

Part 1 - Air Conditioning

Simple maintenance tasks can keep your unit working at peak efficiency and help reduce your electric bill.   
  • Inspect filters frequently and change them as needed.    As a rule of thumb, the dirtier the filter, the harder your unit works.
  • Inspect yearly all insulation of lines inside your AC Closet.   Replace any worn insulation but do not insulate any lines that were not insulated during original installation.   For more info:
  • Inspect yearly the refrigerant line insulation installed by the unit located at the roof.   This insulation is even more critical as it is exposed to direct sun.
  • Keep your entire AC system clean.   
  • Replace your thermostat with a digital programmable model if you still use the oXXXX.    Modern thermostat are much more efficient in regulating temperature and can pay for themselves on a few months.
  • Set thermostat temperature to 78f degrees while at home and 82-85f while away.   
High Efficiency Unit:

Room Heater 

Water Heater
Thermal Sleeve
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Instant Water Heaters?

Additional Savings:
Keep a tap on stanby energy usage