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The Muse      

On a peaceful diplomatic mission, Daniel attracts the attention of one who is seeking inspiration. 22,760 words.

Splintered Hearts      

A surprise refugee from an alternate reality rocks Daniel's world.  9,366 words.

Mri Di Ankh(The Beloved Given Life)     

At the end of Homecoming, the team return Daniel to his rightful place.  2,906 words


A Little Lower Than The Angels     

Jack told him to touch it. Ordered him to touch it. Now look...  9,230 words

Lost and Found  

Daniel and Jack, stranded in paradise.  8,761 words.


 For The World Is Hollow, And I Have Touched The Sky

 For a moment he had the ability to change everything.  848 words.

                                         The Tale of Het-Hur

                                        Something of the host does survive.  2,650 words.  


                                        The first time Vala fell in love with...


                                        Sha're, free from Amonet embarks on a desperate journey to save her husband.                                                                   4,722  words.

The Sun On The Horizon

a novel in four books


~Earth~ Book One      

A great mission ends, some deserved downtime takes the team to New York. But even on Earth, SG-1 is not safe. This is the beginning of a very, very long journey for Daniel.  9,846  words.

~Tsydon~ Book Two     

Kidnapped and far from home. Daniel becomes enmeshed in a web of intrigue and deception.  113,294 words.

~N'Has'y~ Book Three 

Out of the frying pan, hurting and still lost, Daniel falls among friends. But his salvation may be their undoing. Out in the wide galaxy, Jack, Sam and Teal'c continue a determined search for their teammate.  

~Sabat~ Book Four

He came within hours of getting home, but now Daniel is back in Ba'al's clutches.  This time he's no victim. He's on the offensive and the Goa'uld won't like the consequences.     






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