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Escola Josep Masclans / Vallbona d'Anoia ( SPAIN)

    Our school is placed in a town called Vallbona d´Anoia , with 1400 citizen. Long time ago it was an agricultural area. Now it is basically a town of industries and services but it is going through an important economical recession because of the crisis. It is a small, rural school, placed 60 km. from Barcelona. It is a Nursery and Primary State School and it has a total of 160 students from 3 to 12.The number of foreign students are increasing, above all from South of America, Morocco and the East of Europe. They study Catalan and Spanish as first languages and English as a second as early as childhood.

English is used in the teaching of some content from other curricular areas (CLIL), specially PE in years 4,5,1st and 2nd grades in Primary, and Science from 1st to 6th grades. By this reason to participate in a Erasmus+ Project is a fantastic opportunity for students and teachers to exchange knowledge and experiences through English and New Technologies.

Szkola Podstawowa / Krakow ( POLAND)

    Our school is situated in Poland, in a city called Cracow, with 800 000 citizens. Cracow is a very old city but our district - Nowa Huta is one of the newest parts of it. Our region is developing very much recently. Monuments are renewed. More foreigners are working and living here. A lot of turists visit Cracow every year.

    Our school is very big – 750 students in primary school and gimnasim. Our pupiles  get high positions in various competitions and examinations. They participate in many projects. Ecology is one of the most important sciences.

    We also teach children with special needs. Almost 2o% of our students have various dysfunctions, among them there are children on wheelchairs, with heart problems, with sight  defects as well as diabetes. . We teach children tolerance and help one another.

The main aim of our participation in the project is to "open the door" to learning and understanding of others through cooperation and exchange of information and to show the students that there are no barriers that cannot be overcome.


Scoala Gimnaziala Buzescu / Teleorman ( ROMANIA)

    Located at 85km from the capital of Romania, Bucharest, our school is situated in a village called Buzescu. In our school we have kindergarten, primary and secondary classes, with students from 3 to 14 years of old.

    Because it is located in the southern part of the country and the main occupation is agriculture and animal breeding, some of our students come from families with a modest financial status. 

    Our school is interested in helping students to acquire general skills, form values and attitudes that enable them to adapt to an evolving society. It is also interested in the creation of a sustainable attitude regarding the protection and preservation of the environment.

    The students and teachers from our school participated in activities like: 

- " Let’s do it ,Romania! " : waste collection from the environment.

- A competition named " Zero waste " : the students were challenged to collect selectively the waste and to recycle it. This activity was an opportunity for them to visit The Ecological Waste Warehouse , in our district.

    Our students have participated in projects in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency Teleorman ( " The green deeds caravan " ) through which they became aware of their role in the prevention of environmental problems.

    We have a good experience in conducting the Erasmus + program because we have been the beneficiaries of a training project for teachers – KA1 and a partnership project between schools – KA2 ,,Net is the key,,. 

This project is the perfect opportunity for students to learn more about the concept of sustainability, to exchange cultural knowledge and also to improve their English skills.

 Berzelis Kindergarten / Telsiai ( LITHUANIA)

    The kindergarten ,,Berželis“ was established in  the 1st  of July in 1973   in Telsiai, Lithuania. The door was open for children of the same year on 27th of September. The children were educated in 12 groups:  4 of nursery and 8 of kindergarten. The youngest kids were 1 year old. However, this is our history.

    In 2016-2017 school year  we  met with 117 children, who are educated in 6 groups: 1 nursery, 3 preschool and 2 pre-school education. Our institution has 29 employees, including 15 teachers of them. Since 1999 kindergarten,, Berželis" works focused on child health improvement. The kindergarden belongs children's health promoting the schools association, which has carry out  a traditional  project: ,,A healthy child  is a happy kid".  

    Since 2016 the kindergarten ,,Berželis" communities direction is: to develop a healthy, an exploring and a positive child, it implement in: The non-traditional educational spaces (outside the class, herbal trays, garden, meadow, educational-cognitive islets)

There are accumulated health promotion, entertainments, experimental measures bases (indoor and outdoor sports, artistic inventory, microscopes, Bilibin shells).

    The whole communities  positive connection (learners, managers, teachers, student assistance professionals, etc. staff, parents, social partners).

    The purposefully developed experiential education by the pre-school education program. The school year tasks are to: the whole community to carry out experimental-research activities and the results will be continuously presented to the community one time in a month.

    The kindergarten,, Berželis" community is open to innovation, dialogue, cooperation, and a lot of directional working, sharing their experiences, creative, loving sports, nature, ready to take on increasingly new challenges.

    We are happy that this european project is the fact that our students, teachers, families and  comunity education about sutainability should be based  the exchange of knowledge and  collaborative work. Our kids and teachers improve their English and new technologies.





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