Here, at last, are the first set of figures from Caplor's Generation Game, in which you'll see real figures from real customers compared against the original predictions for their systems. You'll also see generation figures "per kWp" which show you just how much energy has been generated per kWp of installation - again, real figures compared with predictions. On top of that you'll see the size of each system, it's orientation and the amount energy it was expected to generate in one year. You'll also see the odd footnote which tells you a little more about an installation which it might be useful for you to know. Figures in red indicate generation figures that are below prediction - it's clear to see that February 2011 was a pretty disappointing month for everybody who's taking part in the Game. Scrolling to the far right of
the spreadsheet, though, shows how things have developed through the year. In all, the average for customers who have sent us their figures is well over the predicted figure, though there are inevitably some individual months which prove disappointing for some customers.  When shading is involved - and it often is - the Caplor team do their very best to come up with a realistic prediction, and it looks like they're doing pretty well.  If you'd like to take part in the Generation Game, and enter our monthly draw,  just let us know.

The one problem with the embedded document below is that it's impossible to freeze headings, which can make it a little tricky to follow. If you'd like to view it as a Google Doc, which does have frozen headings, just click here. (And please, if you see any anomalies, let me know - it's becoming a pretty complex document!

A few notes about the column headings - "Prd" = Predicted Generation; "Act" = Actual Generation; "Prd per kWp" and "Act per kWp" allows you to see how the predictions compare against the actual amount generated per kWp of installation. Please note that this is a "live" document, and we'll be updating it on a regular basis. Any information currently not available will be added as soon as we get it. Some of our customers have given us figures for every three months, matching their submission for the feed-in tariff. In those cases, though the customer has deservedly  been included in the prize draw, we haven't included their predicted figures on the spreadsheet - to be honest it's an added level of complexity that we're just not ready for!

Generation Game 2011 - 2012

* Mike & Helen - "we're expecting that we're not going to be generating an optimum amount of power both because there are trees which cast shadows onto the panels during parts of the day, and because our house is hard against a hill and in mid winter we don't see the sun at all! We installed the system partly because we wanted to benefit from the feed-in tariff, but also because we wanted to be doing something useful for the environment."
++Orchard Lodge - an interesting installation, with 4 panels facing South, and 2 facing West