About the Project

  The Recycled Bucket Wall is a working experiment in reusing 5 gallon buckets as low-tech structural building units.

  Visit any new construction, remodel, large painting project or stucco job and you will find 5 gallon buckets. Some of these may be reused for a short time but the majority will quickly find themselves in the local landfill. Each 5 gallon bucket uses approximately 1 cubic foot of landfill so removing the quantity required to build this wall will reduce the landfill by many thousand cubic feet. The Bucket Wall is already attracting a lot of passer-by attention and it is expected that some new walls and other projects will be inspired by this technology, removing even more buckets from future landfills.

  This technology is part of a growing movement of updating traditional building techniques. These building methods came back into use in the 1970's in a small scale and are slowly being refined with new techniques and materials to meet todays requirements (see greenhomebuilding.com ). The Bucket Wall has a lot in common with building methods that incorporate straw bales, cord wood, bottles, and earth, in that it reuses existing products that might otherwise become landfill.

  The ultimate hope for this project is that the methods perfected here will be structurally sound enough to use in ecologically friendly house construction and landscaping.