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June 2013

 Near the start of the wall project I drew up some plans for an addition to the existing 100yr-old adobe building that stands within the bucket wall. The plan specified a round log, timber frame with an 'in-fill' of straw bales. A month ago David got the main posts and roof beams in place and decided to use bucket stacks instead of straw bales to fill in between the posts. Structurally this makes no difference to the house since the timber frame holds the entire weight of the roof. Bucket walls may not be as good as straw bales at insulating, so when a section of wall is complete it will be tested to make sure it'll meet code requirements.
 Below: The timber frame (three ridge beams held by pine posts) are now in place.
Below: The first wall is almost filled. It's hard to see in the photo, but the bucket stacks are locked together with horizontal rebar and screws from the inside of the buckets into adjacent stacks.
Below: Looking along the back wall.
Below: Original adobe house on the left, pizza oven in the center, and the new bucket house on the right.
Below: Front view of the pizza oven. The day I took the photo it had had its first firing and was looking great.
Below: Timber frame waiting for buckets (and a roof), there's a lot of work ahead.