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Autoharp News, Info, Songs, and Tunes  for US Capital Area Autoharp Players

This website for the Capital 'Harpers Autoharp Club (CHAC) presents news about club activities and other items of autoharp information, plus pdf files of public-domain tunes and songs specifically arranged for autoharp players. The CHAC was established in 1991 to provide a venue for persons who play the autoharp to gather and make music in an informal setting. Members are generally residents of the US Capital Area, including Washington, DC, northern Virginia, and Maryland; persons who play acoustic instruments other than autoharp are also invited to participate. 

CHAC has met monthly since 1991, usually in the homes of members, and often including a potluck meal. Meeting dates are typically on the third weekend of the month, and an announcement of the exact monthly date is sent out via e-mail to the membership. Recently, most meetings have been held in meeting rooms of public libraries in northern Virginia. If interested in coming to our jams, please attend one of the jams listed on the Meeting Schedules page.

Jim Weed, Webmaster

AUTOHARP EXAMPLE: Pictured below is a US-made Oscar Schmidt "Centurion" autoharp (OS-100-21) with magnetic pickup, set up as a chromatic instrument; a suggested 21-chord bar arrangement is shown below the picture.

Suggested chromatic chord bar setup is:

Treble side 

Co7       F7        C7        G7       D7       A7       E7

   C#o7      F          C         G         D         A         B7

      Do7       Dm       Am       Em      Bm      F#m     F#7

Bass side 

Here Co7, C#o7, and Do7 are diminished seventh chords.