Join the Circles Initiative as a Trained Volunteer

A Circles Ally can be anyone with any level of resources who genuinely wants to help and believes everyone has the right to sufficient money, relationships and meaning in their lives to thrive. As an Ally, you will befriend someone who is highly motivated to bring their family out of poverty, and bring whatever support and resources you can to support that effort.

What Allies do:

  1. Intentionally befriend a working poor family.
  2. Assist Circle Leaders as they execute their plan to lift their family out of poverty.
  3. Do anything a good friend would do to help a friend in need.  Provide emotional support. Help solve day-to-day problems.  Advocate on behalf of your friend as needed. Share your skills and know-how. Introduce your friend to contacts that you know that can help them.
  4. Attend a group meeting with other Circle Leaders and Allies at least once a month.

What Allies do not do:

  1. Behave like parents or bosses. These roles are the exclusive domain of the Circle Leaders.
  2. Give or lend money to your Circle Leader. The Circles Initiative has a revolving loan fund that Circle Leaders can access for critical short term cash needs.

 To volunteer as an Ally, please fill out the Ally Application and mail it to Brenda Silis at 2621 Northgate Lane, Ste. 10 Carson City, NV 89706.

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