What is a Circle Leader?

The Capital City Circles Initiative is dedicated to helping families move from poverty to self-sufficiency. We do this by building strong relationships across economic and cultural lines. Our goal is to ensure that all Carson City families realize their full potential. A Circle Leader has a critical role in the Circles Initiative as described below:

The Circle leader has three primary goals:

  1. Create life changes that lead to permanent self-sufficiency for her/his family.
  2. Develop unique gifts and leadership skills to lead the circle, contribute to the Circles Initiative and give back to the community.
  3. Use the experience of poverty and leading your family to self-sufficiency to work within the community for changes to systems or barriers that keep poverty in place.

The Circle leader receives the following support:

  1. Orientation and 20 week “Getting Ahead In A Just Getting By World” workgroup.
  2. Three caring allies to join you in your journey to self-sufficiency
  3. Weekly meetings in which meals and childcare are provided.
  4. Staff available to answer questions, provide support and assist with problem resolution.

    The Circle leader commitment:

    1. Complete Circles orientation.
    2. Complete 20 week Getting Ahead curriculum focused on self-sufficiency.
    3. Commit to be part of the Circles initiative for 18 months.
    4. Attend weekly dinner meetings with other Circle leaders/allies.
    5. Identify ways to contribute to the Circles initiative in reciprocity for support received.
    6. Meet monthly with the Allies in your Circle.
    7. Make progress on your goals.

    How Circle Leaders can work well with their Allies:

    1. Remember that Allies may not have any experience with poverty and may make mistakes.
    2. Remember that the Allies in your circle are your friends, not social workers. Don't expect them to "fix" your situation.
    3. When you have strong feelings about Allies, be willing to look at how your own fears or rules are being activated and talk to someone about it.

    Please consider joining our community as a Circle Leader. To learn more about Circles, contact us.

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