Mission & Vision

The Capital City Circles Initiative is a cooperative community effort to elevate people out of poverty by intentionally creating relationships across class lines, and empowering people in poverty to chart their own course toward self-sufficiency.

"Carson City, lead by the Capital City Circles Initiative (CCCI), has no working families living in generational poverty. Any family that is willing to take responsibility for lifting themselves out of poverty has ready access to the resources and support they need to thrive."

It All Begins With...

Our low income families start by attending the “Getting Ahead” workgroup that meets once a week. Here, participants investigate behaviors preventing them from leading a financially secure life, in a highly participatory curriculum.

During the 14 plus workgroup sessions, our low income participants learn about personal leadership, relationship building, communication and goal setting. They also explore their relationship with money, develop their personal spending plan and the self-discipline to make it work.

The work of CCCI transforms lives, builds a stronger and healthier economy and cultivates a sense of pride and independence among those in need.

Who Do We Work With

We work with motivated families and individuals who come from generational and situational poverty who are willing to work hard to reach self-sufficiency.

Participants that have overcome drug addiction and broken away from domestic violence find in CCCI the support they need to continue their journey towards financial independence. A minimum wage worker working 40 hours per week earns a gross income of $984 per month, yet the fair market rent in Carson City for a two bedroom residence is $742 per month, leaving very little for other basic needs

Creating Leaders

It is important to note that Circles is not a mentoring program. Participants (also known as Champions for Change) are prepared to assume leadership and decision making roles.

Weekly meetings are designed to foster a sense of community among the Champions for Change and their community volunteers (also known as Community Allies).
Dinner, childcare and homework assistance are provided at no cost by members of the community.

Participants work with their Community Allies to establish goals in pursuit of eventual self-sufficiency with the expectation that they will one day reciprocate by giving back what they themselves have received.

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