The Route

From Ottawa Ontario, Canada to Washington DC, USA
1800 Kilometers (that’s over 1,000 miles for our American neighbours)

Follow our progress along the route: September - October 2012.
We will be paddling a beautiful 36’ Canot du Maitre (Voyageur Canoe)

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This will be a challenging trip - not to be taken lightly
We will be paddling 50+ Kilometers most days. Approximately 5 weeks.
Participants need to be prepared to paddle long and far each day.
Paddling will depend on the wind, the waves and the tides.
We will paddle in fair and foul weather (but not thunderstorms or hurricanes).
Click here to review our Safety and Communications info for the Trip.

To help our American Team members visualize the distance: Chicago to New Orleans is about 927 miles.

We will begin our 1,800 km journey
at Turtle Island - Come join us for this celebration!
 Turtle Island is also known as Victoria Island
, at the foot of Parliament Hill in Ottawa.
We have picked this site because of its 5,000+ year-long tradition in Algonquin history  as a place of political evolution and cultural convergence and because of Grandfather William Commanda's Circle of All Nations work.
With the choice of Ottawa by Queen Victoria as the capital of Canada, this historical tradition continues.


Along the mighty Ottawa and St Lawrence Rivers...
We will follow the Ottawa River East to Montreal, via the Lachine Canal (with a stop  at the Voyageurs Museum - the exact place where thousands of canoe voyages started.) to the St. Lawrence River.

  • Carillon canal

    Lachine canal

    Chambly canal

    Saint Ours canal

Then downstream to the Richelieu River, south to Lake Champlain. 

Richelieu river   (the watershed)

South into the US... (we'll need to find the customs office!)

South on Lake Champlain, the
Champlain Canal down the Hudson River to New York City. 

Then, past the R&D Canal to the Delaware River,
 then a ferry and transport to the C&D  Canal, to Chesapeake Bay

  • Thanks to Pineypaddlers for info about Delaware river:
    Mercer-Trenton Marina access
    to the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal (74 miles).

The last stretch will be up the Potomac to Washington. 

Thanks to our new friends! Riverkeepers, WaterKeepers,  Algonquins of Ontario (website: Tanakiwin) ,  Environmental organizations, Paddling Clubs, Museum staff... and many others....For supporting our trip in preparation and along the route with advice, expertise and networking.

     This is part of the journey - making connections in support of the trip, and our waterways.

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