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Dancing with the Northern Neck Stars


The Northern Neck Rotary Club announces  plans for CAPINNÉ 2015-“Dancing with the Northern Neck Stars.  The event will be the 25th. in a series of successful annual fundraisers which enabled the Northern Neck Rotary Club to distribute over $570,000, through its Northern Neck Rotary Charitable Trust {a 501 (c)(3) organization} to programs and charities providing services to those in need in Lancaster and Northumberland counties.  In addition, 25-$1,000 scholarships have been awarded to graduating seniors from high schools in the two counties.  CAPINNÉ 2015 will be held at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club on North Main Street, Kilmarnock on July 18.

Iris Treakle, Chairperson of this year’s gala, reminds all that the name “CAPINNÉ”, while sounding French, was coined from the phrase stating the purpose of the event “Caring About People in the Northern ck”. 

Planned is an upscale social event comparable to the popular television program “Dancing with the Stars”, only better.  Our event will feature stars of the Northern Neck Treakle said.  A showcase of community leaders willing to give back to the community by sharing their talent on the dance floor will compete for prizes.  Each competing couple will represent one of the thirteen charities benefiting from the event and be sponsored by a community business. 

A panel of judges will offer opinions and judge each couple following their dance routine and the audience will also have an opportunity to vote for their favorite performance.  As in most television programs, there will be commercials.  Local businesses will be given the opportunity record a video “commercial” which will be played throughout the evening on the club’s “jumbotron”.  

A raffle will be held for a variety of valuable prizes at the close of the evening.  Door prizes will also be given to those in attendance.

Nina Thompson, Northern Neck Club President, said, “This will be the social highlight of the summer here in the Neck.” 

Food will be highlighted at CAPINNÉ 2015, as it has been in the past, featuring heavy hors d’oeuvres such items as Carved Steamship Roast, Mango Chutney Chicken, Provencal Pork Tenderloin, Smoked Salmon and many other sides and decadent desserts.  Catering by Windows on the Water at Yankee Point Marina plus a donation of the steamship roast by River Market of White Stone will provide some of the most scrumptious food of the season.

Treakle disclosed that over 90 of the 300 tickets, at $50 per person, to be available have already been subscribed, though official ticket sales will not open for another month.  Business and individual sponsorships as well as table reservations are also available.  To pre-order tickets, inquire about sponsorships or make table reservations contact any Northern Neck Rotary Club member or call 804-435-3553.

Sponsorship Levels:

Platinum: $2000 Receive a full-page ad in the playbill, four tickets,

recognition in a pre-event advertisement, and thank you ad.

Gold: $1000 Receive a half-page ad in the playbill, two tickets,

recognition in a pre-event advertisement and thank you ad.

Silver: $500 Receive a one-third page ad in the playbill recognition

in a pre-event advertisement and thank you ad.

Patron: $200 Receive a one-sixth page ad in the playbill recognition

in a pre-event advertisement and thank you ad.

Advertising Rates:

Video Commercial $100 per minute

Playbill (All ads are full color)

Full Page : $240

Half Page: $195

One Third Page: $110

One Sixth Page $70

Premium Options:

Back Cover add $100

Centerfold (2-pages add) add $200

Order Form:

(Please hilight and print this form and mail to the address indicated)

Sponsorship Contribution   (Thank you)                                         $_________

Advertising: Video Commercial @$100/minute                            $_________

Playbill AD:                     Full @$240                                            $_________ 

                                         1/2 Page @$195                                     $_________

                                         1/3 Page @$110                                     $_________ 

                                         1/6 Page @$70                                       $_________

Premium Options:           Back Cover Additional $100                  $_________

                                        Centerfold Additional $200                    $_________

Tickets                           @ $50 ea.                                                 $_________

Reserved Table of 6 w/tickets    @$300                                         $_________

Reserved Table of 8 w/tickets   @$400                                          $_________

                                 TOTAL                                                                                $_________

Please make checks payable to CAPINNÉ

Northern Neck Rotary Club

P.O. Box 108,

Kilmarnock, VA 22482



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Your tickets will be forwarded to you via US Mail.  If we are unable to fulfill your order as all tickets have been sold, your check will be promptly returned to you.

Community Service Award 2015


Northern Neck Rotary Club President, Nina Thompson, announced the recipient of the Northern Neck Rotary Club’s Community Service Award for 2015 is Mary Kay Rotert for her contribution to many community organizations, particularly in the healthcare fields.

You only have to chat with Mrs. Rotert for a few minutes to see and understand her passion for and commitment to quality healthcare. 

Mrs. Rotert is a native of Eastern Pennsylvania having grown up with her four brothers, an experience she says she wouldn’t trade for the world.  She attained her bachelors degree in Nursing from Wilkes University in Wilkes Barre, PA and went on to practice at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. 

Having reached a point in her career where she saw that the next step in advancement would require a masters degree and dating a gentleman from Lynchburg, Virginia (who would become her husband) Mrs. Rotert began to investigate educational possibilities.  She relates that she was visiting her beau and was taken to Monticello.  As an aside, her date suggested that they visit the campus of the University of Virginia.  Considering that her options in New York were subway rides to either NYU or even longer to Columbia and the fact that she immediately fell in love with UVA she completed her masters in Oncology Nursing and got married and stayed right here in Virginia.

Upon graduation, she and her husband moved to Richmond, where he was a successful banker and she entered the healthcare industry.  In addition to holding executive positions with Richmond Visiting Nurse Association and Richmond Memorial Hospital, Mrs. Rotert found time to be involved in numerous community organizations, including Carpenter Center, Richmond Symphony, and Richmond Senior Center.  During her professional career she founded two home healthcare organizations one of which became Bon Secours Home Health.

Her husband, having a yen to return to the water (a native of Tidewater), the couple began a quest in Urbanna.  They soon crossed the Rappahannock after realizing that all the restaurants and the hospital were on this side and settled in White Stone.  She explained that the 80-20 rule of involvement played a role in her volunteer activities as if you once say yes your name is passed around to those organizations needing to get things done.  After her husband passed away she became even more involved in the community.

Currently, Mrs. Rotert is on the boards of directors of Bon Secours Richmond Health Care Foundation, Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury, River Counties Community Foundation, and Marywood University.  She also finds time to serve as a volunteer at the Northern Neck Free Health Clinic and is a member of the Parish Planning Council, St, Francis De Sales Church.

Mrs. Rotert said that she decided on nursing as a career sometime during her high school years and her parents were aghast.  Her mother was an accomplished concert musician and wanted to see her go in that direction.  Mrs. Rotert speculated that perhaps the Cherry Ames book series may have had some influence but that she liked the ideal that if someone came in with something wrong she could fix it or at least make the condition palatable.  “I guess I was just good at it”, said Mrs. Rotert.  

In a time where many nurses are “aging out” or leaving medicine for other reasons, Mrs. Rotert sees hope.  She related that Bon Secours Nursing School graduated 64 nurses this past year, all passed their boards (for the 13th year in a row) and all were employed.  Nursing is something of a “calling”.  She said that she had a friend whose son said he wanted to become a dentist so he could buy a Porsche.  Mrs. Rotert’s advice to him was to find something else because the desire for a car was not likely to be enough to get him through Dental School.  “There is a new mind set”, she said.  “It’s not all about making money in entering the healthcare profession, there must be a desire to help people.”

On healthcare in general Mrs. Rotert suggested that the current legislative system is perhaps not all that was hoped for.  Through her role at the Free Health Clinic she can vividly see the difference between the healthcare possible for those with good insurance, who get superb care and those without where the availability is not so much equal. 

Doctors are getting out of the business as mal-practice premiums are so high as to be prohibitive.  Also they are overwhelmed by bureaucracy and paperwork.  Medicare certification is a huge administrative burden and the paperwork has tripled, according to Mrs. Rotert.  Doctors are so busy keying information into computers they don’t have time for hands-on examination of the patient.  We live in such a litigious society that rather than spend time with a patient and diagnosing, the patient is sent for tests for diagnosis, confirmation and documentation of ills and treatment.

In her “spare” time, Mrs. Rotert enjoys music, the fine arts and is an avid golfer.

The Northern Neck Rotary Club’s Community Service Award will be formally given Mrs. Mary Kay Rotert at the Club’s 25th. Annual CAPINNÉ gala on July 18 at the Boys’ & Girls’ Club center on North Main Street, Kilmarnock.  Ticket information may be obtained by calling 804-435-4169 or on the club’ website or Facebook pages.