Dinghy Rack Rentals

Cape Youth Sailing offers Dinghy Rack rentals at locations in Cape Saint Claire. The locations are:

Deep Creek - spaces A1 through A18
Lake Claire - spaces B1 through B45
Skyway Pier - spaces C1 through C9
Little Magothy View Park - spaces D1 through D24

Dinghy racks are for small vessels such as kayaks, canoes, or paddle boards. Proceeds from the rack rentals are used to benefit the Cape Youth Sailing program. We have a waitlist that runs a few years. When asking for a Dinghy space please provide your Name, Address in the Cape, Phone and Email. Please fill the form out below to be added to the waitlist or contact capeyouthsailing@gmail.com for assistance.

Under files you will find the most recently published waitlist and the current year's Dinghy Rack Contract.