Eligibility and Basic Requirements

The student must be at least 8 years old and not older than 18 years old at the time the session is conducted. The program is primarily open to Cape St. Claire residents; non-residents can attend on a space-available basis. A Cape St. Claire resident includes a child, a foster child, a legal dependent, or a grandchild of an adult who is an owner of real property or has his/her permanent residence within the Cape St. Claire Benefits Tax District.

Swimming Ability:
Each student will be checked by the instructors to assure they meet the minimum swimming requirement of swimming with shoes on for 25 yards and treading water for one minute. No swimming aids of any kind (such as kick boards, floaties, etc) will be allowed. They will also be asked to put on a life jacket while in the water. Students unable to pass the swim check will not be allowed to participate in the program. If your child swims well in a swimming pool, be aware swimming conditions are very different in the Magothy River. Be sure your child is familiar with swimming in the river.

Each child must supply and wear his/her own US Coast Guard-approved Type Ill life jacket (PFD) while on or near the water. Please clearly mark the students name on the PFD and make sure the PFD is comfortable and the appropriate size. Please do not use the orange “horseshoe” PFDs.

Each child's parent (or adult substitute) must schedule onsite adult supervision as follows:
  • Full day student: Serve as POD one full day (or two half days) per session.
  • Half day student: Serve as POD one half day per session.
This "Parent-of-the-Day” duty is required.  The parents help the program during the day, and no sailing experience is necessary.

Parent Orientation:
Each parent must attend the Parent Orientation Program.  Please see Important Program Dates link for schedule. Students are welcome to attend as well. Following the general Parent Orientation, a required Regatta Orientation will be held.

All participants must have a copy of the book, Start Sailing Right, on the first day of class. This book can be ordered when registering (see application form); books will be distributed on the first day of each session. Students should also bring paper and pencil to class each day.

Boating or tennis shoes must be worn at all times (to prevent sailors from getting glass or fishhooks in their feet or stubbing their toes in the boats); shoes will get wet. Sandals (including Teva-type) and Crocs are not acceptable.

Notification of Acceptance/Paperwork:
Students accepted in the program will be notified email beginning early April. If you have not received any notification of your child’s status, contact the program for information about your child’s status. If your child is waitlisted, you will be notified by email. Paperwork and un-cashed checks are shredded at the end of each season.