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CICER endeavours to promote International Community Networks via Cape Verde. Such promotions focus on Community Outreach, Education and Health, and the creative ways in which such focuses can be achieved.

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The Hair Cut Project

This year we want to concentrate on something fun, inexpensive and outreaching, a project that would connect persons from different continents, make communities talk and support, and give kids something to be happy about as they make their way to a fresh new academic year.  This year we felt it best to move forward with a project called the 'Hair Cut Project'.  We found this project to be in-line with the simplicity of our mission and hope you will join us in carrying it out.

What is the Hair Cut Project?

The Hair Cut Project is just that, a project about cutting hair.  There is one very important thing which starts in September and that is the commencement of the academic year.  It is around this time that barber shops and hair dressing salons get ready to do a bit more haircutting than usual.

As exciting as this may be for some, many young students can’t have this simple and inexpensive act done.  Many students live in rural areas, where the price of a designer* hair cut can be seen as quite expensive; other students are part of large families and so choices have to be made as to who gets ‘the cut’ – girls are usually the last on the list.

*Many boys get their heads shaved, an easy and manageable process that can be done at home.  When we say ‘designer’ we mean a haircut done in a barber shop and can be geared towards a particular style.

How will it work?

CICER will hire out barbers and hairstylists to do the hairs.  This may be done in three different days, at three different locations in/around the city of Assomada, or it will be a mobile activity, where barbers may be hired to go around to different zones to do the hair(cuts).  This activity will be for children under twelve.  Each child upon having their hair(cut) done will be given a card with the name of their donor and the country they are from.

The days and locations will be advertised by local radio and word-of-mouth.  We will know pre-hand how many students the location will be able to handle, or how many kids one sitting will be able to handle – this will also be advertised – so it will be a first come first serve process.  Depending on the amount we raise, we may do multiple sites in one day; this may depend on participation and anticipation.

How does this help?

We here at CICER do not feel we should only look at community projects through a scope of immediate need, but also through the broader landscape of community building; activities and events that bring communities together for many possible outcomes – short or long term.  Looking ‘clean’, ‘ready’, ‘sharp’ are goals shared by many students in those first days of school; so much so that not being so can really impact one’s morale, a sense of worth and self confidence.   A hair cut can be a boost for starting the year on a positive note, a reference of already having been looked out for by his/her family/community.  One of our goals is to broaden communities’ futures and to widen their positive outcomes.

How will I know it is happening / it has happened?

Throughout the event there will be documentation.  CICER always documents its community projects and all information is available on the website.  We will also be assessing the event in the days after – how the community took it and how the kids felt about it – all such details will be posted on the web in the days following the event.

How can I join/donate/volunteer?


If you are in or around the island of San Tiago in early September and can make your way to the city of Assomada you can participate in the event.  If you are interested in participating this way, or you wish to volunteer from afar, send us an e-mail with your details and how you would like to participate and we will respond with the options available to you.


If you would like to sponsor a student all you have to do is donate.  You can sponsor as many students as you want, keeping in mind that the donation will be shared between boys and girls and that girls’ hair procedures cost more than boys’.  The cost for boys will be 1 euro, the cost for girls will be 3 euros.  It is important that you provide us your name if you would like your name to be on the cards which are given to students.  This name can be yours or anyone you are making the donation for (this is not obligatory).  To donate please follow the instructions below and to have your name included write us an e-mail with your specific request:


Note:  If more money is raised than actual haircuts can be given then the money that is left over will be moved to another community project.  All final expenses will be documented on the website, all residual money and its use as well.


a)       PayPal:

B)    MoneyGram

Step 1:     Find a MoneyGram office near you or online:
Step 2:     Visit the Agent, taking some personal identification with you
Step 3:     Complete the send form and hand it to the agent along with the money and transfer fee
Step 4:     You will be given a reference number
Step 5:     Contact us with the reference number and and we will contact you when the transfer is made

You may be required to provide personal identification, usually one or more of the following: passport, driving licence, national ID card or government issued identification.  You may also be required to provide proof of address (bank statement or utility bill).  Requirements vary by country so please ask you local MoneyGram agent for acceptable identification formats.

C)    WesternUnion

Is similar to MoneyGram, the same steps would need to be followed. Online: