Application Instructions


When applying for the residency please read all of the instructions below carefully.  By ignoring some of the guidelines you may greatly impact your chances of being selected.

1.  A Complete Application.  

Please fill out all pertinent areas in the application and provide  all supporting materials along with the application, not separate.  Applications and materials which are received separately will not be accepted.

2.  Samples of Work History  

If you are applying with written works (i.e. poetry, drama, script writing, fiction, non-fiction [journalistic], critical, theoretical, etc…) simply include the works as attachments on your application e-mail or send it to us by postal mail.  Make sure you name is on each piece of paper and that there are no more than four A4 sheets of work.

If you are submitting 2-D & 3-D works please include ten digital images of your work.  Images should be no smaller then 600dpi and no larger then 1MG (no physical slides will be accepted, unless previous consent has been given to you by C.I.C.E.R.  For special consideration you should e-mail C.I.C.E.R. prior to applying).  If by mail include a CD with all images in jpeg format along with your personal information details.

If providing 4-D works (i.e. video, performance, etc.) you should include no more then a five minute sample.  A web link where we can see your work is encouraged, but CD-Rs, DVD, Video (VHS, PAL) are also accepted.  

For any other samples of work history please provide forms of documentation that best represent what it is that you do and that best allows us to understand your work history.

All samples of works submitted need to have been completed no more than three years prior to your C.I.C.E.R. application year.  If you wish to include a slide reference sheet please do so, though we do not require it.  Please keep in mind that no submitted items will be returned.

3. Curriculum Vitae (Resume)


Please send all materials to:


By Air Mail:

Care Of: CICER Residency

Care of: CICER Committee
Carrer Picanol, 78, 3er - 2ona
Sabadell, Barcelona
08205 (Catalonia) Spain


Antonio Daveiga,
Oct 5, 2015, 6:02 AM