About Us

From the Founder and Director of C.I.C.E.R.,

Greetings and thank you for taking the time to learn more about C.I.C.E.R. - a residency founded with transnational concerns in mind. C.I.C.E.R. is about Culture, Art, Community, Health and Education.  For some time I pondered over the possibility of bringing international persons of culture to network, interact and create with creative persons in Cape Verde, or to simply provide such persons a space to create which is different from where they may be coming from.  I thought about  a place where global discourses on Art, Culture and Community could be expressed within a historically fixed, but yet extremely transnational, Kreolu backdrop, C.I.C.E.R. is the actualization of those thoughts.

We here at C.I.C.E.R. feel that as creative persons we are all in some kind of a Diaspora and are each involved in forms of investigation through our personal or collective works. This is the reason why we created residency, as a way to create dialogue between Creatives of all kinds, national or international background.  We hope that from what we provide in our residency international networks can be built.  At the very heart of the residency lies a place where community is paramount, and where connections through physical and theoretical forms can be made.

C.I.C.E.R. also places strong focus on Community, Education and Health projects, as well as providing space for institutional retreats whose concerns are those mentioned above and in line with our mission statement.  Outside of Cape Verde we do most of our exchange work in Catalonia, Spain, where we are a registered Association and in the United States where there is a large Cape Verdean community.  Should you have any questions about us and our projects, or if you simply want to get involved, please Contact Us and we will be glad to answers your questions.

Thank you for looking us up and we hope to hear from you soon!

Antonio Da Veiga Rocha



Cape Verde International and Cultural Exchange Residency is a registered Association in Spain.  We are a Not-For-Profit Association and rely mostly on Contributions.