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VEX Level 3 Training

Level 3 involves training in specialized VEX equipment.  These levels do not have to be done in any particular order.  Rather, all members of a team requesting use of any of this equipment for a particular design must demonstrate individual proficiency in the use of the equipment before it will be issued to the team.

In addition to constructing a testbed to demonstrate understanding of the equipment, each student must pass several a "certification test" associated with the equipment.  Copies of these tests are attached at the bottom of this webpage

A.  Linear Sliders

B.  High Strength Sprocket and Chain

C.  Tank Treads

D.  Tank Tread Upgrade (conversion to conveyor belt system)
    Prerequisite:  Tank Tread

E.  High-Strength Motor

F.  High-Strength Gears

G.  Turntable Bearing

Cape Robotics Team #56A strategizes with its alliance partner prior to a round of competition.