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Models Built for Yellow Belt Stripes

Each "stripe" on the Yellow Belt is earned by building one specific model from the instruction booklets that come with the Lego kit, and completing a worksheet of questions about the model.

To Earn Stripe #1 on the Yellow Belt

Then, to Earn Stripe #2 on the Yellow Belt
  • Model 6 - Postal Scale  (features a discussion of torque as force x distance, and our first discussion of the 4-bar linkage.  GREAT MODEL!
Note:  No worksheet exists for Stripe #2.  Just watch the video to learn from the presentation.

Then, to Earn Stripe #3 on the Yellow Belt
  • Model 8 - Windmill
Note:  The creation of worksheets and videos to accompany model building stopped here.  At this point, it may be better to practice the building skills and to try the design challenges.

Then, to Earn Stripe #4 on the Yellow Belt
  • Model 10 - Car with Compound Gearing

In addition to earning all four stripes on the Yellow Belt, a student must also do the following before receiving an Orange Belt:

  • Complete both of the Cape Robotics non-motorized design challenges.  Each design solution must be shown to a Cape Robotics member for "certification." 
  • Develop additional generic Lego robotics building skills.  Specifically, be comfortable and confident with skills 3bc, 4b, and 5ab.  Meet with a Cape Robotics member to demonstrate these skills.

These challenges and skills can be completed and "certified" concurrently with building the models.  There is no need to do all the stripes first.  Mix it up according to your desire and motivation!

Congratulations! You've earned your Orange Belt.  Now go to Earn Stripes on Your Orange Belt.