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VEX Level 1 Training

As of the 2012-13 School Year, each student wishing to participate in our Grades 7-12 VEX program must individually complete Level 1 and Level 2 of training before designing and building any robot for the JV competition.

Level 1 requires students to build a "proof of concept" robot (i.e., a robot with no motors attached).  The robot consists of a basic rectangular chassis frame, and features a robotic arm with a hinged elbow and a two-claw grabber for the End-of-Arm (EOA) tooling.

In addition to the assemblies required for Levels 1B to 1F, students must also pass the "Parts Names" certification test associated with Level 1A.  A copy of this test is attached to the bottom of this webpage.

A.  Names of VEX Parts
    Part 1 (9:31; 07/21/12)
    Part 2 (9:58; 07/21/12)

B.  Square Chassis Frame (5:31; 07/10/12)

C.  Installing Wheels and Axles (8:41; 07/10/12)

D.  Building in the z-direction (9:57; 07/11/12)

E.  Basic Hinged Joint Elbow (9:54; 07/11/12)

F.  Basic Claw Mechanism (2 meshed spur gears between two parallel plates, two opposing fingers)
    Part 1 (8:03; 07/12/12)
    Part 2 (4:46; 07/12/12)

A member of Cape Robotics Team #56 works on the team's robot between rounds.
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