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Entry Detail

Applications for entry in the 2018 Cape Explorer Rally (CER 2018) is NOW OPEN

Rally date for 2018: March 24, 2018

Registration & Payment for 2018 closes: Midnight March 16, 2018

The Theme for CER 2018 -  New Things To Find 

Registration steps:

1.  Click on the "Register here" link below and enter your email address twice.

2.  An email will be sent to the email address that you entered.

3.  Click on the link in the email. NB This link is ONLY valid for 24 Hours as a security measure.

4.  On the website click "Begin" upon which you will be taken to the registration form.

5.  NB:  Where the registration form require an AMA Number please enter your CER Flag number.  If this is your first entry just leave it blank.

Registration for the CER 2018 is done via the Ride Master Website:  Register here

Rider Classes/Categories

For 2018 there will be 3 different classes or categories.

1. Off Road which will be 10 hours duration and must include more dirt distance than tar,

2. On Road which will be 8 hours and may include as much dirt as you like,

3. On Road "Novice" which will be a maximum of 8 hours and a maximum distance of 380km.  Riders may decide to complete at anytime during this period though the proposed minimum time will be 4 hours.  Please note that it is NOT COMPULSORY for a "newbie" to enter this category.

Read carefully through what follows before you apply.


Only riders with a valid motorcycle driving license (not a learner’s license) on a roadworthy motorcycle that is allowed on public roads and national highways are allowed to enter.


Entry application closes midnight SUNDAY, March 16, 2018. Entrance fee is:

Solo rider:   R290

Rider + pillion:  R390


Solo Rider Team Member: R290 per bike per person entered

Rider + Pillion Team Member:  R390 (A Team of TWO bikes must BOTH have 2 people eg.  If the team consist of 2 bikes that will be 4 people and the entry fee will be R780)

What do you get for this entry fee?  Well 1st of all you are going to show the Rally Master and other participants that you can plan and ride the most efficient route through the provided bonus locations to collect the most bonus points to win the CER.

You`ll be presented with a Certificate of Participation, and

You`ll receive a embroidered cloth patch to show others that you are a special type of rider, and

You`ll receive a Cloth Rally Flag with a unique number that is yours to keep to use in future IBA South Africa Rallies.

Your application for entry must be accompanied by proof of payment of full payment into the rally account.  If your application is not accepted, your money will be returned.  However, you will lose your deposit if you withdraw after your application has been accepted and after March 1.  No refunds will be made for withdrawals after this date.


The rally will be run on Saturday March 24, 2018.  The starting location is one of 3 places:

  • BP Heritage Park, Somerset West @ 07:00am where the Rally Master will meet you from 06:30am though you will only leave at 07:00am, or
  • The Starting location in George is the Caltex Fuel Station in York Street across from the PW Botha College @07:00am, or 
  • Any place where you can get a timed, machine-generated receipt of something you purchased (e.g. fuel) This must be as close as possible to 07:00am but not before.  

Note that the 2 Official starting locations will earn you bonus points that your own starting location will not.

There will not be a riders meeting before the start of the rally, but if enough entrants request one, we will have a riders meeting on Monday evening March 12.  It is your responsibility to study all documents and ask whatever questions you have ahead of time.  It is required that you do a odometer calibration for the motorcycle that you will be using for the rally, which must be submitted with your application. Instructions on how to do this will be sent to you in due course.

Additional Bonus Points will be earned if you use BubblerGPS Pro with a Spotwalla account and/or a GPS.  If you have an iPhone then you can use SWConnect with a Spotwalla account.

Additional details of how to connect to a specific CER Spotwalla Account will be made available with your Rally Pack.

If every rider can use a GPS or GPS-Capable Smartphone to track their movements it will assist greatly in the post-rally analysis that is planned.

The rally bonus pack will be emailed to all fully paid-up entrants during the week prior to the rally or as soon thereafter as people pay the full entry fee.

The general rally rules can be found here. Make sure you know, understand, and adhere to the rules. The majority of bonuses will need photographic proof of bonii visited  so it is essential that you bring along a digital camera.  Although mobile phone photo`s are accepted you must be able to transfer that to the Rally Master`s Computer on the day of the rally.  You will also need a "Rally Flag".  A NUMBERED Rally Flag will be provided with your rally pack.  Once a Rally Flag has been issued it becomes your Rally Flag to be used in all future Rallies run by IBA South Africa.  If you lose it then it will be replaced at an additional cost.


The rally endpoint is at Talla`s Tavern, Beach Road Gordon`s Bay.  For the normal 8- and 10 hour categories, the endpoint will open for check-in 30 minutes before the end of the rally.  In other words, the 8-hour participants can stop their rally clock any time after 2:30pm and the 10-hour participants any time after 4:30pm. Novice category riders can stop the clock any time after 11a.m., but if you plan to end your rally before 2:30pm, you need to let the Rally Master know ahead of time so that he can be at the end point to check you in and start the scoring process.  Late arrival (after 3:00pm or 5:00pm) at the endpoint will incur penalty points at the rate of 10 points per minute after rally end time, with disqualification (DNF) after 30 minutes. PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE.


After the rally there will be kicking of tyres and sharing of rally experiences while scoring is taking place.  PLEASE NOTE THAT SCORING TAKES TIME.  An awards dinner will follow at the same location.  Dinner is  not included in your entry fee.  You can invite guests to the dinner, provided you buy dinner for them (A Special Dinner Platter for 4 people is available at a price to be negotiated with the establishment).


How to apply for entrance:

Follow the instructions of how to register at the top of this page. Please pay the FULL AMOUNT into the following account BEFORE THE CLOSING DATE:

Bank:                Capitec Bank - Somerset West
Branch Code:    470010
Account Type:   Savings
Account Nr:      1292955897

Reference:  Your Name & Surname

NO NEED to email your proof of payment as the bank will automatically inform the Rally Master of deposits.

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