Parent Teacher Fellowship, otherwise known as PTF, is an organization that unites the families and teachers of the students within our school.  Any person with a vested interest in Cape Christian School may participate, whether in volunteering, voicing concerns, or by monetary means.  We would love to have every family volunteer for at least one event, as each and every student benefits from our efforts!!

    Our PTF has several goals.  One of our goals is to help the school make improvements to prevent operation costs and tuition from rising drastically.  Another goal is to be supportive of the teachers by purchasing classroom supplies (for individual classrooms or for the whole school personnel), to aid them in teaching, as well as giving them money to help keep their personal supply cost to a minimum.  The PTF hopes to brighten the teachers' days often throughout the year with special food or gifts.  We work with other groups within the school to purchase items for the school, such as the athletic program, the library and the Beta Club.
    The PTF started "THE GIVING TREE" several years ago as a way to enhance the classrooms.  Our hopes are to allow families to look at the apples on the tree, with requests from the teachers for their classrooms written on them, and to take them down and purchase the items.  This is a small way that we can bless the teachers and students with a small donation of an item.  Please be sure to check this out, as it is posted by the school office.  
     In order to accomplish these goals, we have several fundraisers throughout the year.  Since the 2011-2012 school year, we have tried to minimize the number of fundraising events.  We will have several "CCS Family Fundraising Nights" at area restaurants, where a percentage of the sales come back to the school.   Each grade is responsible for working at a Family Fundraising Night.  We will also continue to sell our Cape Christian School cookbooks.

     Our biggest fundraiser of the year is our annual dinner and silent auction held in March.  It has grown every year, bringing in around $20,000 in 2011.  

    Another fundraiser we participate in is called KNOWLEDGE-A-THON.   It will be held in November and will be made up of pledges the students have gotten from family and friends.  It will be based on their knowledge to a specific list of questions that teachers, students and parents have worked on.  Please watch for details to follow.  Please note that this fundraiser will be replacing several smaller fundraisers with the hope to eliminate so many events. 

We meet once a month at Cape Christian School to discuss PTF business and school events.  The meetings for the 2012/2013 school year will be held the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm.  Officers for the 2012/2013 school year are:  Jennifer Harris/Sherry Shenberg, Co-Presidents; Katy Keesee, Secretary; and Sharon Frankum, Treasurer.   Everyone is encouraged and welcome to attend!