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A Less Brief History of Capaldi's....

Alfredo Capaldi came from Picinisco, Province de Frosinone, Italy in 1920's. His father Barnardo Capaldi had an ice cream cafe in Kingussie.  Alfredo ventured further North and lodged with Mrs Margaret Leslie in her house in Victoria Road, Brora.  There he met his future wife, Bertha, daughter of Mrs Leslie and they began the business in 1929 and later had a son, Alfred Bonifazio who was born November of 1935. Sadly, eighteen months later, Alfredo the father died of meningitis.

The original shop was in Fountain Square, in premises now occupied by the electrical store Graham Begg's.  Bertha Capaldi continued to run the ice cream cafe, opened a fruit and vegetable shop next door and also had a small shed on Brora beach for a few years selling ice cream during the summer months.  In the early 1950's she exchanged the business with her brother-in-law Victor Capaldi and she and her son took over Victor's cafe and house in Glasgow.  Victor later moved the shop into its present location in Rosslyn Street.