CAP Event Guidelines

Instructions on how to organize a CAP event:

  • You email with the following:
    • Location of the event
    • Time and date of the event
    • Lowest cost of the event (including any ticket fees)
    • Distance from Mudd to the event
    • Parking cost estimate
    • The subsidy amount you would like to receive
    •  A draft of the email that you would like students-l to see
  • The CAP committee will vote on the subsidy amount during our weekly meeting (usually Wednesday nights) and assign one member of the CAP committee to your event as your CAP liaison. The CAP liaison will send a sign-up email to students-l. You will NOT be in charge of sending the email to students-l.
  • The CAP liaison will check the signups and email you the list of students who can receive the subsidy. Note that the stated number of people subsidized INCLUDES the event planners.
  • Send an email out to those who have received the subsidy to let them know (and ask them to tell you if they decide to not go). Then send an email to students who did not receive the subsidy (you can find this information on the signup poll results spreadsheet) and let them know they are on the wait list.
  • If a student decides to decline the subsidy, email the next person on the wait list to ask if they'd still like the subsidy, and so on. If the number of Mudders falls below 8, notify your liaison immediately.
  • A week or so before the event, you will need to arrange rides. To do so, email all the students that offered to drive to figure out who will. If a Muddvan is needed, email your liaison. Please keep the number of cars to a minimum.
  • Also about a week before the event, email all the students receiving the subsidy when and where everyone will be meeting.
  • At some point (we suggest right before driving to the event), all students need to sign a reimbursement form to receive the subsidy, and you must collect everyone's receipts. It is your responsibility to have all attendees write their names on their receipts. If one receipt was for more than one person, please write each of their names on that receipt.
    • In order to get the subsidy, the organizer of the event must fill out this form, and drop it off (with ALL the receipts) in the CAP chair's HMC mailbox (currently Meg O'Keefe box #505). Please note that it is best to fill it out before the event takes place.
    • The CAP reimbursement form can be found at:
  • Submit the form to the current CAP Chair (Meg O’Keefe) via Platt mailboxes (box #505).
    • Before submitting, double-check that each person submitted a receipt. If any are missing, your reimbursements will be delayed.
  • CAP will reimburse you within two weeks of when you submitted the reimbursement form. For Spring 2013, the deadline to submit reimbursement requests is Friday, May 17, 2013.

Additions to CAP Policy for 2012-2013:
  • All subsidy amounts will be decided by majority vote of the CAP committee
  • Maximum subsidy amount of $40/person
  • Events must be at least $1 (if the event is free, money will go to the drivers)
  • Within those limits, subsidy will be between 40-60% of event amount
  • The stated number of people subsidized INCLUDES the event planners
    • The number of subsidies will be given to all* who sign up
      • *In the case where (# of signups) x (subsidy amount) > $800, we will cut off the number of subsidies given so that it is no greater than $800
  • Driver reimbursement policy:
    • If event is 10-25 miles away: $5 extra for drivers
    • If event is 25-50 miles away: $10 extra for drivers
    • If event is 50 miles or more away: $15 extra for drivers
  • Parking reimbursement policy:
    • 50% of the parking cost (with a maximum of $10/car)
    • Receipts preferred
      • If no receipts are available, the Honor Code applies when submitting the cost
Original CAP Policy:
  1. Eligible events.  Almost any event can be a CAP event, but there are a few requirements.  It must be reasonably safe, must involve a group of at least 8 Mudders (non-Mudders will not receive any subsidies), must be open and advertised to the ENTIRE student body. If the event you are planning is taking place at unconventional time, please provide us with a good reason for the time choice.
  2. Documentation.  Receipts (authentic) must be provided for all reimbursement type subsidies. We must have the REAL receipt, not a photocopy or a printout. In the case of ticketed events, email confirmations do not count. Receipts are generally given with the tickets.
  3. Transportation.  The event planner is responsible for arranging transportation for participants.  The usual method is to solicit drivers by offering additional subsidy money (amount agreed upon by the event planner and CAP co-chairs) to drivers who meet at an appointed time to collect passengers.  The event planner should arrange to have as many full cars as possible.
  4. Participation.  All events must have at least eight Mudders signed up in order to qualify for a subsidy.  
  5. No shows.  Students that do not cancel by specified date will be liable for any expense incurred to CAP or the event planner due to their absence, not limited to any deposit. Students are not allowed to give away their own spots. The event planner will give any open spots to people on waitlists.