Amir Toister

Capacity Building and Development is the process of strengthening the capabilities of organizations, communities, and individuals to achieve their objectives.

I partner with clients to deliver multidisciplinary solutions at all organizational levels, in varied contexts, balancing and integrating my (software) “hard” and (people) “soft” skills, enabling Change & Growth.

During the last 2 years I have spent several months each time in the Caribbeans, Iceland, Nepal and Israel in special communities, doing pro bono & community work and I am searching for more missions at (I)NGO's that could put into good use my out-of-the-box thinking, based on the advantage of having worked in such varied, broad and interconnected environments as depicted below.

Following my fulfillment of the requirements for the “Community-Based Development Certificate” I have created this Functional CV site providing more details about my education, achievements and experience than the
 LinkedIn resume can contain.

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