Major Accomplishments

·      Made herself Empress of Russia.

·      She extended the borders of Russia, acquiring the lands of Southern Ukraine and the Crimea.

·      Won several wars, namely against the Ottoman Empire.

·      She slowly went about reforming the government.

·      Westernized Russia.

·      Took away all rights of Serfs after a couple brutal rebellions.

·      She directed the building of the Hermitage Museum.

·      Founded the Smolny Institute for Noble Girls, the first of its kind.

·      1776 she created a major cultural institution, the Great Theater in Moscow.

·      She established the Free Economic Society (1765) to encourage the modernization of agriculture and industry.

·      She promoted trade and the development of underpopulated regions by inviting foreign settlers, and founding new towns.

·      University of Moscow and Academy of Science became an internationally recognized learning center under her sponsorship.

·      She also increased the number of state and private schools.

·      She commissioned an impressive monument to Peter the Great - the Bronze Horseman.