Photo Gallery

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CAP Planes on the Ramp at CXY
(Capital City Airport - Harrisburg)

CAP Planes in Flight Line at CXY

18 Oct 2014
Past 1008 Cadet Commander
C/Major Ariana Ahadi with Mary Feik
at the N.E. Region Conference

June 2014
Reading World War II Weekend

2014 0607 Reading WWII Weekend

May 2014
Squadron 1008 Color Guard Presents
the colors for the National Anthem
at a Phillies game

May 2014
Squadron 1008 at the Memorial Day Parade
Kennett Square, PA

2014 Memorial Day Parade

CyberPatriot Award: 2013-2014 season

C-130 Orientation Flight, Delaware Air National Guard, May 2012

Glider Orientation Flights, May 2012