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How To Watch Television On Computer

how to watch television on computer
    on computer
  • The term 'computer' includes any type of computer however described e.g. mainframe, server, desktop, laptop, palmtop etc. It also includes other types of equipment which, although not normally described as computers, nevertheless have some ability to process automatically e.g.
    how to
  • Providing detailed and practical advice
  • A how-to or a how to is an informal, often short, description of how to accomplish some specific task. A how-to is usually meant to help non-experts, may leave out details that are only important to experts, and may also be greatly simplified from an overall discussion of the topic.
  • Practical advice on a particular subject; that gives advice or instruction on a particular topic
  • (How To’s) Multi-Speed Animations
  • look attentively; "watch a basketball game"
  • a period of time (4 or 2 hours) during which some of a ship's crew are on duty
  • Keep under careful or protective observation
  • Look at or observe attentively, typically over a period of time
  • a small portable timepiece
  • Secretly follow or spy on
how to watch television on computer - New Perspectives
New Perspectives on Computer Concepts, Ninth Edition, Comprehensive
New Perspectives on Computer Concepts, Ninth Edition, Comprehensive
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Someone's new computer
Someone's new computer
"Hi Guys", said the assistant, with the utmost familiarity, "d'you need any help?" A number of witheringly sarcastic replies flashed before my mind, of which the rudest and most direct was, "Not from the likes of you". I felt like saying that as far as I was aware we had not been introduced and could he perhaps call at my address and leave his card with my manservant. I could have asked him, since he had used a male form of address to embrace both Mrs B and myself, whether he thought my wife a man; or, I could have struck up a conversation on the basis that I had mistaken him for an American ...asking him, for instance, whether he missed the baseball since coming to live on this side of the herring pond. One feels so embarrassed for English people who affect this American habit of speech, picked up from watching television. I mean ...can't they hear how silly it sounds on the lips of an assistant at PC World in Bury St Edmunds? This may seem a small thing, but so is a bit of grit in your shoe. This tiny incident had the effect of finally turning me against PC World. I vowed never in future to buy a computer from them. Mind you, my antipathy had been building up for some time. Being totally clueless about computers, I tend to rely on the advice I am given in shops. The shortcoming is mainly mine of course, but we non-experts pay for expert guidance. On several occasions I have bought expensive computer accessories which I have been unable to use because, as I subsequently realised, they were unsuitable for the application I intended. The salespeople at PC World don't seem to care what they sell you as long as they sell you something. Presumably they work on commission. In a weak moment I let them talk me into purchasing their ?7.50 per month "PC Performance" scheme. For our two computers this works out at ?180 per annum. It would probably be less expensive to call in a geek if something went wrong, and get the problem attended to immediately. I thought I might as well get something for my money, so claimed the annual "health check" to which each computer is entitled. "It'll take a couple of hours", said the man. "If you've got some shopping to do call in when you've finished and it should be ready". Actually we had dropped in at the conclusion of our shopping. Never mind. I said I'd drive back and collect it. This was an extra 30 mile round trip. When I got back I could see my computer on a desk behind the counter, with status bars creeping across its screen. "I'm afraid it's not ready yet", said the assistant (a different one), "could you pop in tomorrow?" I called back the next evening (another 30 miles). "Uh ...the guy who's working on it has gone home. I'm not sure whether he's finished. Can you come back tomorrow?" To be on the safe side I left it for a further two days. "Uh... Yeah, I'm afraid..." We went on holiday then and didn't get the computer back until we returned ten days later. None of the shortcomings in the machine's performance were any better. I suppose you could get software and do the job for yourself anyway. So this time I shopped elsewhere. Hunting around on the internet you realise how overpriced PC World is and how little you get for your money. This computer was "custom-built". This sounds posh but it just means that you tell the builder what features you want and he sort of puts the flesh on a basic skeleton. Being, as previously noted, a bit thick about such things, I didn't really have a clue what to ask for. I wasn't quite sure what processor I wanted, but the one I've got seems to be quad-core. I don't know what this means, but I suppose it must be better than dual-core. 2GB of RAM ...twice as much as before... and a second DVD RW drive. The big difference is that I'll now be using Windows Vista, whereas I've had XP before. I had misgivings about this since Mrs B's computer, which I use when scanning my negatives, is Vista and I don't like it. I'm assuming that the fault is mine and that I don't like it because I'm not used to it. If the Fray Bentos photostream dries up, you'll know the set-up went badly.
flickr check in, video check out
flickr check in, video check out
"Shiroi, did you know that ten days from now you'll be on the airplane to Japan again?" "Aha, I thought I heard slippery bunny paws flailing about on the keyboard, trying to post another photo on my site, Hopper." "And so successfully, too, Shiroi! And you heard me. You know it's time your nice viewers saw how you handle flickr withdrawal in Japan, when you are away from your home computer." "Hopper, I kept you in my pocket the whole time we were in that internet cafe. I'm a better one to explain this photo." "OK for now, Shiroi. Tell them what is on the screen with the flickr logo." "I went for a couple of hours at the internet cafe, and replied to a flickr mail, Hopper." "From your Filipino flickr friend, eunicque!" "How do you know that, nosybun?" "I also know this internet cafe had free drinks, comics to read and DVDs to watch! But you went there to flickr surf while one of the DVDs you bought was playing." "And I have a suspicion you were actually peaking your little beady eyes out of my pocket at the time, Hopper." "Well, I heard some interesting breath sounds and you mumbled "oh my gosh" 'and got out your very fingerprinty cammie to snap a piccie of the desk screens. WhIch was kind of silly, since as this DVD was yours, you could have watched it at home anytime anyway! But you just couldn't wait! SIlly Shiroi!" "Well why not multitask if you are paying for every minute there, Hopper?" "I wasn't paying for it, Shiroi. Who is that, anyway?" "The cover says "Ai Costume Princess," Hopper." "Why didn't Ai use her last name for the video?" "How should I know, Hopper?" "And why is she blowing up a balloon?" "Uh, because one more wasn't blown, maybe?" "Why did she laugh as she started that?" "Maybe that was the first time some camera crew guy zoomed in on her when she did that, bunnybrains." "What's the matter with you, liking so much when women are with round things a lot, Shiroi? Especially if they are making them." "It's not just me, Hopper. In my most viewed photo, the lady is blowing bubbles." "Who blew up all those ones behind her she was frolicing about in?" 'Again, how should I know, Hopper? Probably the film crew or else they likely would have shot some clips of her blowing up those for the video, too." "What else did she do in that DVD, Shiroi?" "She dressed as a nurse, maid, school uniform, evening dress and street clothes, Hopper." "And walked around the room and mall and got on a bed and talked about herself!" "You were watching the whole thing out my pocket hole, Hopper?" "And some at home too, Shiroi. But it's partly your fault for having a button pocket instead of a zipper pocket." "It's not my fault you would not just mind your own bunny business, Hopper." "Hey, I heard some homeless people spend the night there just to sleep because it is cheaper than a hotel room! Is that true, Shiroi?" "Sometimes, Hopper." "Hey, on this next trip, if we go to one of those places, let's go around knocking on booth doors, asking if the people are homeless and inviting them to your next photoshoots and concerts, Shiroi! OK? Shiroi? OK?" "Hopper, did you know that rabbits multiply at a much less prolific rate than fleas do?" "Instead of changing the subject, why don't you change your deodorant, Shiroi. Do you know what it's like being in your jacket pocket for two whole hours? Or maybe your coat needed to go into the laundry."

how to watch television on computer
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