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  • Trigonometry
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trig calculator online
trig calculator online - Calculated Industries
Calculated Industries 4080 Construction Master Pro Trigonometric Calculator
Calculated Industries 4080 Construction Master Pro Trigonometric Calculator
Advanced Feet-Inch-Fraction Construction-Math Calculator with Full Trigonometric Functions

The Construction Master Pro Trig Feet-Inch-Fraction calculator provides the building professional complete trigonometric function. This powerful and advanced construction-math calculator features new built-in solutions and expanded preference selection. It allows you to easily determine precise angle measurements and solve the most complex design and construction-math problems. Perfect for estimating materials and costs. In the field or office it helps assure accuracy, save time and money.

This is a brand new item, we are an authorized Calculated Industries dealer.

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Trig Spotters
Trig Spotters
Neil and Lorraine enthusiastically bag another trig.
Hidden Trig
Hidden Trig
An old trig hidden amongst the Black Beech.

trig calculator online
trig calculator online
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