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Mind Mapping

Using Mind Mapping for Research

  • Visually brainstorm interests; publish and get feedback.
  • Visually explore specific sub-topics; publish and get feedback.
  • Visually explore what/how invested in the topic.
  • Publish plans and get feedback.
  • Make sure to search all available modalities of information, including mind maps.
  • Publish results of research (both processes and products) and get feedback.
  • Publish responses to reading and evaluating resources and get feedback. 
    • example of notes taken at a professional development event (images, attachments, external links, color code, internal connection links)

Using Mind Mapping for Presentations

  • Publish updates of research progress that also analyze why/how the project is shifting/changing.
  • Draft final project as a mind map; publish and get feedback.
  • Incorporate citations and/or link out to them.
  • Publish final product.
    • example of workshop presentation based in a MindMeister map