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CV FFO Meeting Agenda    

Meeting Minutes for FFO General Meeting September 13th, 2013

Canyon View FFO

General Meeting Minutes

Friday, September 13, 2013


8:05 Meeting called to order by Laura Baragar, FFO President


Laura Baragar

*Welcome and introductions

*Principal Henikman unable to attend

*Previous Secretary resigned, new Secretary Cyndy Sita announced

*No minutes from previous General Meeting available to approve

*Pledge of Allegiance

*Review of Granparents Day and zoo visit on slideshow

*Feeder Night, feeder schools into CVHS having a football game night is on hold

*Need co-chair for Scholastic Book fair


Julie Farbarik

*Halloween Costume Swap Event big hit last year,flyer will be distributed

*Canyon Boo is set for Friday, Ocotober 25, 2013 and will be addressed in detail at the next FFO meeting


Michael Griffith, STEAM Coordinator

*Presentation on what the kids will be doing in their monthly meetings using Destination Imagination program guidelines

*Made hoop planes, it will be what the kids do in first meeting on September 19.

*STEAM will meet once per month with various projects, grades 1-3 at lunch, 4-5 after school for an hour so the older group can get more in depth with the project


***Volunteers needed, email Renee Griffith


Christine Jackson, Spelling Bee Program Coordinator

*Begins October 2 and goes thru Final Bee on December 18, meet every Wednesday in Library. Went great last year, helped all participants with spelling

*This year will work 1 on 1 with each child

*Best way to improve spelling is read lots of varied material


Renee Griffith, VP

*All teachers now have at least one room parent


Foundation Rep went over fall Mixer for CFSD



*Budget override in November election, Mixer this Tuesday


Kate Darling - Treasurer Report

*No Bashas data yet this year

*Direct Donation goal is 12k, $7375 so far. Over ½ way there with about 25% family participation thus far


Laura Baragar Adjourn 9:10

Next meeting October 11th at 8:05 AM in Care Bldg.



Canyon View FFO

General Meeting Minutes

October 11, 2013


8:15 Call to order

Approval of last meeting minutes


Laura Baragar President


          *Spelling Bee 50+ kids, going well

*Steam, next meet 10/24, not a lot signed up yet, will send email reminding parents each meeting needs to be signed up for.

*Science Fair is k-5, voluntary. Organization meet on nov. 7

*Papa Johns fundraiser on Nov 8

*Book Fair Dec 2-6, online shopping available 25 days before. Must ship to school for teacher to get benefit.  Idea floated doing painting with Creative Juice co. to give parents chance to shop w/o kids

*Idea floated to have quarterly FFO meetings in evening to help working parents be/feel more involved in school. Ideas for child care during meeting, pizza, early in week.

*Canyon Boo: candy collection has begun, all pods assigned their themes, up to parents to limit, or not, their kids candy consumption but welcome small toys, temp tattoos etc for donation as well as candy. Idea for food bank donation. Silent auction set.



Principal Henikman


          *Programs up and running

          *1st spirit assembly Wed, Oct 15, kids and parents all welcome

*Took poll on using ffo funds for this years improvement project for kinder playground shade. Would CV get enough participants/donations since only for kinders? All seemed to be for it


Renee Griffith, VP


          *Spelling Bee thru Dec. 18. Have 4 vol. now, 1-2 more needed

          *Steam good on vol. but could always use more help

          *Need vol. to sign up, adults only

Adjourn 9:15

Canyon View FFO

General Meeting Minutes

November 15, 2013


Laura Braragar, President, call to order 8:10, last meeting minutes approved


Vanitha Rajendran, Science fair

·        Dec 13, date he would like all science fair ideas submitted

·        Submission online form on ffo website

·        No signups yet but will send out email with link and reminder

·        Feb 10 is science fair, top 10 go to sarsef


Presidents Report:

  • Steam went great, full attendance

  • Canyon Boo went well-Donated candy went to troops

  • $1500 net made from silent auction, 3x what whas expected

  • Waiting on Check from BBQ at canyon boo

  • Putting together science fair educ. on dec 6 to help kids and parents with projects, prob a lunch/learn

  • Book fair organizational meeting 2:30 on nov 12

  • Dec 3 6:30 to 7:30 will have book fair parents night out, parents shop with kids eat and paint

  • Book fair has 10k goal, will be taking scholastic dollars for school

  • Dec 4 dads and donuts

  • Papa johns went great and ffo made $552

  • Dec 17 will have el charro restaurant night


    Principal Henikman

  • New club coming starting in January on Wednesday’s lunchtime for computer programming headed by John Farbarik, self paced for grades 3-5

  • Getting great ideas from kid on clubs, will have soon a Theater club as an after school program thru community schools

  • Sound panels for MPR ffo approved, so will be able to expand mpr

    usage, ie theater

  • Glee club coming

  • Holiday Adopt a family is this year expanding to every classroom, every class has a family, Mrs. Stevens is coordinator with ffo.



    Renee Griffith, vp, vounteer coordinator

    Will need volunteers for book fair


    Kate Darling-treasurer

  • Will compute how much of 43k is actually available for spending on school improvement project this year after SAB etc.



    No general ffo meeting in December 9:30 adjourn


January General FFO meeting


Canyon View Elementary Family Faculty Organization

5725 North Sabino Canyon Road. Tucson, AZ 85750

Phone: 520.209.7700 Fax: 520.209.7770

FFO General Meeting Agenda

Friday, January 17, 2014

8:05–9:05 AM CARE Bldg


Order- Laura Baragar


Old Business

Move Upon the Secretary

Approval of the October FFO General Meeting Minutes—Cyndy Sita , Secretary


Speaker Renee Griffith of Bear Essentials News


New Business and President’s Report

Laura Baragar


Principal’s Report

Rob Henikman

Vice President’s Report

Renee Griffith

Treasurer’s Report

Kate Darling

Foundation Report

Jean Popham

Legislative Report


Canyon View FFO

General Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2014


Renee Griffith


  • Presentation for Bear Essentials Newspaper for kids that encourages writing through their programs for kid reporters

    Laura Baragar, President, call to order 8:10, minutes approved



  • Approved for superbowl Friday, January 31, student wear sports team colors, also do papa johns fundraiser on same Friday

  • Jan 23rd author of animal bff’s coming to talk to 3rd graders about writing

  • Book club starting this month by Mrs. Ortiz, 1st meet jan 30, 3-5 grade

·         no steam in January, next one feb 13

Jean Popham, foundation

encouraged being at cfsd gala this month

  • Principal Henikman


  • 50 kids for first code academy, great turn out

  • coding programs coming to district in all grades, very in demand for all kinds of industries, great opportunity for kids

  • kinder playground shade sail will be 2 yr fundraising project

  • kinder show n tell and open houses are coming up in jan and feb.

  • visiting st Albans and lambs gate to give parents info on cv for their soon to be kinders

  • holiday adopt a family was successful, had 18 families and response was so great helped over 300 people

  • response thru intervention(RTI) is coming, is a program to better identify kids that need very targeted reading help, pilot this year k and 1st

Kate Darling, Treasurer

 ·        profit and loss statements will be emailed

·         in process of getting all info into quickbooks

9:10 adjourn

Canyon View FFO

General Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2014


8:10 am call to order and minutes approved



Principal Henikman

  • Shade structure: will be about 30k, 2 year project, will get ½ of 30k from tax credit money

  • Mathathon next major fundraiser, march 21


    Laura Baragar, President

  • Dr Suess week march 2-7. Suess themed days and lunch options

  • Science fair went well, 35 entries, 10 going to sarsef

  • Wellness walk, up to 5k at sabino canyon. On calendar for march 22 but date not firm

  • Book club, monthly meeting, flyer given on books and date

  • Silent auction, april 28 donation deadline, all info in coyote currents including forms

  • Box tops class competition, eegees for winning class


    Renee Griffith, vp volunteer coordinator

Steamclub yesterday went well, march will be astronomy or solar


    Kate Darling, treasurer

  • #s in quickbooks

  • alittle over budget but will be good by end of year

  • papa johns night got record $600 for school


    Parent requested looking into lego robotics to be expanded for more kids to participate, laura indicated storage issues but will investigate options


    9am adjourn

Canyon View FFO

General Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2014


Call to order and minutes approved 8:10

Laura Baragar, President

  • Math packets are out for math madness, individual prizes given this year to engage prize driven students. Will see how that goes this year to see if continue that.

  • March 22 is wellness walk in sabino canyon

  • Lynn will volunteer for bus driver appreciation

  • March 27 is family math night

  • Spring carnival may 2 4-8pm, girl scout troop helping come up with games

  • Silent auction doing great, 8k so far

  • May 5-9 teacher appreciation with luncheon the 9th

  • May 8th and 9th talent show, k-2nd and 3rd – 5th respectively

  • Clothing donation drive week of April 8, 2014

Principal Hennikman

  • Parent surveys out in may

  • 5th grade survey for student engagement done last year, now doing grades 3-5

  • april 10,11,14,16 aims and Stanford 10

  • last year for aims, parcc starts next year and will compare our students to students in all states doing parcc, , not just students in az

  • Cfsd has district specific curriculum that is aligned with common core with some differences, cfsd will not be affected by legislature if the state regresses to lower standards than common core

  • Our 2nd grade classes are doing a pilot test for parcc assessment

Renee, vp

  • Need volunteers for math night march 27

  • Need volunteers for april 18 art show

  • Have volunteer for edukits

Kate, treasurer

  • Bashas down by 33% from last year                               

Jean Popham

  • Foundation made 65k from gala


9:00 adjourn





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