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In home pet care for all of your furry, feathered and finned babies when you have to be away. 
Serving Mystic Shores, Hancock, Fischer, River Chase areas on the North Side of Canyon Lake, Texas.
Text or call me at 830-237-2002 or email at to schedule your Pet Care!

Rates are: $15 per visit, for a basic service package:  a 30 minute visit to service pets within 10 miles travel.  Slightly more for multiple animal clients or chores that exceed 30 minutes to complete.   Care available for plants, collecting mail and other chores as requested.  All fees are quoted in a brief 'Pre-Sit' consultation with clients.  The Pre-Sit visit allows me to receive all of your instructions and schedule your animal care needs. D
aily updates are texted or emailed about the status of your babies. 

Large animals? Quite happy to check on and care for your larger animals, goats, sheep, horses, donkeys, etc. as needed.  

Feed wildlife? No problem, bird feeders will be refilled and wildlife fed as usual!  

Chickens? We have 35 free range hens.  I can help you with your working ladies while you are away!  

Water Garden?  Yep, that too! Your Koi and goldfish are your babies!

Purple Martin colony manager? We host 25-30 pair annually, and can monitor your colony while you are away for a care free vacation.

Residents of Canyon Lake since 1984, we enjoy our 10 acres and care for 4 donkeys, 3 dogs, many cats, various foster dogs and cats, 35 chickens and our big boer goat, Amos.