Edit Scenery

To edit any of the scenery click on the pencil on the left of the name of the scenery.


The scenery to edit appears and a dialogue box opens to enable you to change the name of the scenery. If you change the name the 'Change Name' button appears - click to accept new name. Closing this box does not affect your ability to edit the scenery itself.

Editing The Scenery

With a few exceptions you are able to use the drawing toolbar to edit the scenery.

You cannot create new shapes. However you can add existing groups and shapes from the current canvas. Clicking on the shapes icon brings up a list of groups and shapes. Click on any of these to add them to the scenery. You can add them more than once. From one tree you can create a forest.

You also cannot rename any shapes or groups used.

While the fill colour, line weight and colour and shadow effects can be edited for individual shapes this is not possible with groups. You cannot ungroup an added group however individual shapes that make up a group will be available.

To store click the  button that appears on the title strip.