Canvasdraw Introduction

Canvasdraw is an online vector drawing application that is free to use and which allows you to produce drawings that you can place on your own website. Drawings produced with Canvasdraw can be rotated and scaled. Each drawing is termed a canvas. To use on your own web pages you will need to know some HTML and Javascript.

A new version which includes animation is now available. Transfer to Canvimation.

Cannot wait to try it? Here's the link  

I produced Canvasdraw as a hobby. You can find out more about the development of Canvasdraw on the Canvasdraw blog. This is also the place to add comments about the application.

Its certainly not Flash nor Silverlight, no animation for a start, though who knows what the future may bring. Canvasdraw exports drawings using the <canvas> tag and in some ways it is quite basic. However it does give you the opportunity of drawing and editing shapes rather than constructing them by writing out the context commands and coordinates.

You should think of it as a beta release. I have tried it out with the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera on a PC. Any issues or interest please let me know through the Canvasdraw blog.

Help is available from the sidebar on the left.