What is Wrong With Obama

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What is Wrong With Obama

Gary Primo
July 6, 2012

Canadians seem to be very naive concerning American politics and how it is going to soon affect our country's economic future.  If the planned North American Union eventually becomes a reality, we can expect most of the same laws currently destroying the U.S. economy to strike us here in Canada.  No matter what anyone tells you, free trade is the worst thing there is for the Canadian people.  More and more jobs are going to be lost to third world countries.  You can blame the unions if you want, but the real culprit is the United Nations. The U.N. is really the forerunner of the New World Order.  Just as in the case of any centralized government, they start out with limited power over the nations/states/provinces and slowly gain momentum until their power usurps that of the provinces or states.  This is already a reality in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K.  We are no longer in a democratic system but, rather, a disguised dictatorship. 

I know that there are many supporters of President Barrack Obama here in Canada. Whether for racial reasons or otherwise, people are not taking a very close look at this man or his policies.  They do not understand how he is destroying the U.S. economy or why.  They do not understand that he is merely a puppet for the real power behind the power - the Global bankers who have enslaved us to a global economy.  Soon every nation that is entwined into this economy is going to fall like dominoes, as they give over their sovereignty and constitution rights to our slave masters.  The truth is that it is all part of the Globalist banker's plan to collapse the global economy and and fast forward the final establishment of the New World Order.  This will also fast forward their depopulation agenda - i.e. reducing the world population by 6 billion people.  Aside from the chaos, confusion, rioting and civil wars that will ensue, it will also trigger WW3, which will employ virtually every weapon of mass destruction available.  It will be the most horrific genocide of human history ever perpetrated; and the sad thing is that it will all be orchestrated by a mere handful of the world's economic elite.

For those who are politically in the dark about what Obama is all about, the following article from Infowars.com reveals what Obama's recent policy changes are all about and what they will mean to the future of all Americans.  Again, since this is a U.N. agenda to begin with, we can expect it to be coming to Canada eventually as well.  If you are a patriotic Canadian and wish to keep Canada a free sovereign nation, you really need to educate yourself as to what is really going on in the world.