Alexis Canto 

Erotic romance with a touch of mysticism

Remember Me

Alexis' steamy mainstream romance, now available from Cerridwen Press

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Rugged outdoorsman Brian is hot enough to make his wilderness survival student Dani pant with desire. But Dani remembers that in a past life, she and Brian were passionate newlyweds Mary and Scott, torn apart when Scott was lost at sea. A dark premonition tells Dani that if she lets Brian love her, tragedy will separate them again.

But Brian won't take no for an answer from the smart, spirited blonde.

When a body turns up near their survival group's mountain campsite, Dani's premonition grows. She can't help falling hard for Brian but the closer they become, the more Dani can feel their love spinning toward repeated disaster.

She has no intention of losing the same man twice.


Sweet Satisfaction

A new, super hot Alexis Canto quickie romance from Ellora's Cave

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Nick feels lost when he finds himself in a twenty-first century candy store. The last thing he knew, he was on a Civil War battlefield in 1863. Now he's surrounded by sweet confections, none sweeter than Megan, the woman standing in front of him.

Megan has always wanted to experience dangerous sex—something that gets her adrenaline pumping. Now is her chance for a thrilling encounter. But Nick isn't the only ingredient in her fantasy come true. His fellow soldier Dave is on the scene, ghostly but eager to please and be pleasured before he goes on to the hereafter.

A sexy blond ghost, a horny brown-haired time traveler and a woman craving adventure make a recipe for one hot afternoon.


Passions of Atlantis

A paranormal romance available at Ellora's Cave

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When urbane pro photographer Brandi meets hot professor Pascal, she thinks she’s in for nothing more than a fling. But when Pascal introduces her to a secret means of tapping in to other people’s lives from the distant past and reliving their experiences in all their passion, longing and pleasure, Brandi finds her emotions ensnared and her body aroused. Each trip to the past leaves her spinning with desire and overwhelmed by raw experience. At the same time, Pascal penetrates Brandi’s cool exterior, threatening to win her heart.


Thief's Surrender

From the Oh Yum! series at Ellora's Cave

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Ranch owner Shepherd has no idea why Mikaela, his new stable hand, looks as if she’s hiding something. What he does know is that he can’t keep his hands off her.

When Mikaela plunges headlong into a steamy entanglement with the sexy wrangler, she knows she has to act quickly before she loses her nerve. She's about to steal a lot of horses from him and she's falling for him fast. Whenever rancher and thief collide, blistering sex is the result.

Can Mikaela convince Shepherd she has a damn good reason for stealing his horses? Or is her weakness for his body a ticket to disaster?


Amethyst Tryst is also available from Ellora's Cave.

A story of reincarnation, timeless love and smoldering sex across lifetimes.

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When psychic healer Celeste meets her hunky new client Paul, she knows she’s in for a tough healing session. As if it wasn’t hard enough to keep her hands off his amazing body while healing his nightmares, she also has to convince him that her work is for real.

Nothing prepares her for what she learns when she reads his energy field. In a past life, she and Paul were star-crossed lovers Celia and Paolo. With a huge amethyst crystal to help unlock their memories, Celeste and Paul relive the erotic ride of their lives. But is that enough to convince the skeptical Paul that anything is possible—including sex that’s even more mind-blowing?

"Celeste and Paul are the perfect pair that will pull on the heartstrings of every reader. I cannot wait to see what Ms. Canto comes up with next." --Sonya, Fallen Angel Reviews

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