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Small Animal - Preventative medicine is the vital part of our relationship with you and your pet. Annual wellness exams provide us the means to help your pet enjoy a long life. Due to the accelerated life of small animals, their annual exam is equivalent to several years between exams in human medicine. Canton Veterinary Clinic offers progressive small animal medicine and surgery with the following services: blood chemistry machines, gas anesthesia, pulse-ox monitoring, radiographs, ultrasound, and ultrasonic dental equipment. We provide our clients with up-to-date, progressive-small animal medicine while also appreciating the human-animal bond. Emergency service is available for current clients.


The Tagg Tracker uses a small clip-on device for your pet's collar to send you REAL-TIME alerts to your smart phone. Get pinpoint maps on your pet's location right at your finger tips!
Available now at both clinic locations!

Small Animal Wellness Packages

     In an effort to help everyone balance a busy life schedule and the importance of caring for our pets the Canton Veterinary Clinic is offering wellness packages to clients.  Our hope is to remove the burden of determining what is needed for your pet annually by pre planning and then utilizing an automated monthly payment schedule or a one time annual payment. 

     We have a variety of packages to meet the needs of our patients.  The packages are based on age to help you maintain the exceptional care you give your pet.  

Points to Consider when purchasing a wellness plan:

 ·        Pets age at a much faster pace than humans.  Twelve months in a pets life is equal to many years of aging in a person.

 ·        Preventative medicine and quality nutrition are two of the most important things for extending your pets life.

 ·        Early detection of disease through lab testing allows for intervention before your pet is visibly sick leading to a much better chance for longer quality life.

 ·        Peace of mind, no detection of disease puts your mind at ease knowing your pet is healthy.

Please call or email the front desk at to get the plan that is right for you!

Food Animal - Our primary food animal focus is beef. We assist in individual diagnostics and treatment as well as group health, nutrition, and production herd management. Record keeping and data management are available for stockers and cow-calf. Canton Veterinary Clinic also offers reproductive management services (estrus synchronizationartificial inseminationembryo transfer, and fetal sexing) as well as custom heifer development. We have management software, an electronic wand to accommodate EIDs with accompanying software, ultrasound (lower right), etc. We offer both in-house and mobile food animal services. Freeze branding also available. Emergency service is available for current clients. We are a partner with Genex Cooperative, Inc. and have a semen sales person onsite.

IN-HOUSE BVD testing is also available. Does your herd need tested? Find out HERE!

Genex offers high-quality semen from profitable sires along with a customized approach to genetic and reproductive programs. Genex is your partner in improving farm profits by getting more cows pregnant and more genetically-superior calves on the ground. See the Genex 2014 Catalog HERE.

Contact Kaley today if you are interested in purchasing semen for artificial insemination. or (573) 288-3817

Equine & Exotics - Canton Veterinary Clinic offers both in-house and mobile equine, white-tail deer and alpaca services. These include routine vaccinations and testing, dental work, and minor surgeries, as well as diagnostics. Equine breeding and hospitalization is done at our facility. Emergency service is available for current clients.




 We are a dealer for Zeitlow Distributing Company.

For all of your equipment needs. (cattle, swine, poultry, and equine)





 Ask us about our ADM Feed and Mineral options! Catte, swine, sheep, goat, chicken and more!

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