Ready to dive into the Society? It's easy! Take a look through the various sections of this website to get an idea of how to get started with the different types of activities we do. The SCA offers a fantastic resource called the Known World Handbook which is filled with articles to help you get started.

When we've piqued your interest, here's a step-by-step guide for getting started in the SCA!

Locate Your Branch
First, are you a member of the Canton of Ritterwald? If you live in Aiken, Allendale, Barnwell or Edgefield Counties, then you have found your local branch! If you live in Augusta, Georgia, then you are a member of our neighbor, Border Vale Keep. You can still play with us and we'll gladly welcome you to any of our events or activities.
If you live elsewhere in South Carolina, then please consult our Kingdom's zip code database to see what your home group is.

Get in Touch
If you are a member of the Canton of Ritterwald, then head over to our Contact Us page and send a note to the Chatelain. They'll contact you and help you get started.

Attend an Activity
Most local groups host a wide variety of activities throughout the month, which can include business meetings, arts and sciences workshops, combat practices, and weekend events. Our activities are either listed in our Facebook group or on our Calendar page.
Once you find an activity that interests you, check with the Chatelain or Seneschal to see if there are any requirements or costs to participate (such a materials fee or food cost). There are also events in neighboring groups that you might interest you. Please check the Kingdom Calendar page for those. Then visit! Then, go have fun!
The most important thing you can do on your first visit to the SCA is introduce yourself and ask questions. Society participants have a wide range of interests and love to share with people who want to learn about them.

Purchase an SCA Membership (Optional)
Paid membership in the SCA has many great benefits :
  • Discounted entry fees at most events
  • Sustaining/International members have electronic access to every kingdom's newsletter, along with supplementary publications that include photos, educational articles, and creative works. They can also subscribe to additional publications.
  • The ability to hold office and to enter Crownt Tournaments

Under 18 Years of Age? Read First!
A note for our visitors 17 years of age or younger: we absolutely welcome you to participate in our activities and events! Some of the things you can do in the Society, however, require a parent or guardian to provide permission or complete authorizing paperwork before participation. Please check with the Chatelain to determine what's needed from your parent or guardian for you to enjoy the Society to the fullest!