Members of the Canton may be listed here by filling out the form located HERE. If corrections need to be made, simply fill out the form again and it'll be taken care of as time permits. Members are listed alphabetically, not by any precedence.

The officers are located on the Regnum page.

The heraldry for all members (devices only) can be located on the Members Heraldry page.

Ariel Benne Douw (Long-standing member, 7+ years)   
Interests:  Costuming; rapier; combat archery; Bead work; wine, mead, and cordial making; tiny bit of inkle weaving 

Caleb Von Basel (Long-standing member, 7+ years) 
Interests:  Youth Combat, Waterbearing, Serving Feast/hospitality

Carrick Mac Manus (5-6 years) 
Interests:  All martial activities brewing (mead) and wood burning.

Ceres Gwyn Kildare (5-6 years) 
Interests:  tatting, stained glass, cooking, archery

Diederich Von Basel (Long-standing member, 7+ years) 
Interests:  Heavy fighting, brewing, sewing 

Dreux d'Anjou (2-3 years)   
Interests:  Recreating knit relic purses, redacting knitting patterns, spinning, tablet weaving, retaining, teaching fiber arts classes. 

Elisabeth Von Basel (Long-standing member, 7+ years) 
Interests:  Professional fighter cheerleader, brewing, retaining, children 

Etienne Le Mons d'Anjou (2-3 years)   
Interests:  Medieval poetry, scribal, arts & sciences, target archery, running events, cooking, and anything else that I can get my hands on

Genoveva dai Carri (5-6 years)   
Interests:  Arts and sciences

Malcolm McRae (1-2 years)
Interests:  All forms of combat, heraldry, history, nautical

Morwenna Trevethan (Long-standing member, 7+ years)   
Interests:  Being a Chirurgeon / Waterbearer; Kumihimo; teaching newcomers