Project Book

PROJECTS, OPPORTUNITIES AND NEEDS:  Love In the Name of Christ has many kinds of ministries, some of which are located in various churches throughout our community.  As you review some of these projects, those individuals coordinating the “Collection” or “Drive” could creatively determine how to gather the necessary items over a pre-determined time frame.  For instance, would the collection you pick be perfect as a church-wide drive, as a youth group scavenger hunt, or would it be better to raise the funds and then purchase the products needed?


After the collection process is completed, the products can be assembled or packed as indicated and brought to the Love INC office or to the ministry itself.  At other times, you may wish to bring the products collected to the Love INC office, and our office volunteers will combine them with other items that other groups have collected.  The Love INC office will then make sure that all the items collected get to the proper distribution site.