Homes of Hope


Homes of Hope is a Relational Ministry Program of Love INC - Love In the Name of Christ.  It's mission is to "mobilize the church to transform lives and communities in the Name of Christ through transitional housing and supportive services".  The Homes of Hope program offers individuals/families a 6-12 month stay in transitional housing.  Once in the home, residents are connected to: 1) Church Care Team offering mentoring and hands on assistance, and 2) Love INC's Loving Help Budget Program, and 3) other community resources.

The home is fully furnished so residents bring only what they will need for their stay.  The residents are responsible to pay a monthly program fee that is set aside in a savings account to be returned to them if they leave the house in acceptable condition.  This savings can then be used for a deposit on their "new" home/living situation.

Homelessness in Canton may have a different look than what people typically think of as homelessness.  Homelessness is typically families moving from "friend" to "friend" until the welcome has worn off.  Homelessness also looks like 10+ people from different households living together in one apartment or home.

Church Care Team

Although the whole congregation can be involved in surrounding the family living in the House of Hope, most residents would be overwhelmed if they had to respond to a whole congregation ministering to their needs.  Church relationships should grow naturally, balancing care with respect for privacy.  That's why the Church Care Team is so important.  It is important to note that residents come from a variety of religious backgrounds.  The desire of Love INC is to assist churches in meeting needs in the Name of Christ.  In the same spirit of Jesus, churches are encouraged to invite residents to attend church, but attendance at the sponsoring church or any church should not be required during residency.  We love because God loved us.  We don't love in order to be loved in return.