About Us

Mission Statement
The Canton Comic Opera Company is a non-profit professional theatre company, based in Canton, Ohio, dedicated to the preservation and performance of American operettas.  Founded and incorporated in 2003 by executive director, Mr. Joseph N. Rubin, the Canton Comic Opera Company provides talented singers and musicians in the Northeastern Ohio area with the opportunity to perform in operetta productions. The Canton Comic Opera Company is the only theatre company in the world dedicated solely to the performance of historic American operettas.

Founder and Executive Director of the Canton Comic Opera Company

Mr. Joseph N. Rubin is the founder and executive director of the Canton Comic Opera Company. One of the foremost experts on American operetta, Mr. Rubin acts as both director and conductor for all of the Canton Comic Opera Company productions. Mr. Rubin has devoted his efforts to researching, restoring, and performing the masterpieces of this forgotten art form. The Canton Comic Opera Company’s recent productions include The Sultan of Sulu (1902),  The Prince of Pilsen (1903) and Madame Sherry (1910). The Canton Comic Opera Company’s productions mark the first time the above works were revived in their original form in over forty years. 

Mr. Rubin also founded the Palm Beach Light Opera Company, based in Palm Beach, Florida, and produced Naughty Marietta and The Chocolate Soldier. A graduate of New York University, Mr. Rubin founded the New York Musical Comedy Company (New York, NY) and has produced and directed several successful Off-Broadway productions including Mary (1920) by Louis Hirsch and a historically accurate re-creation of a 1920s “Vaudeville Show.”

An expert on popular music of the 1890s-1940s, Mr. Rubin was appointed Curator of Music of the Ted Lewis Museum in "the capital of the world," Circleville, Ohio.  Mr. Rubin recently completely cataloging and archiving all of Ted Lewis' original music arrangements, all of which had not been touched since 1971.

Mr. Rubin has  accompanied numerous silent films on theatre organ and piano at venues throughout the country including the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts (Miami, FL), the Canton Palace Theatre (Canton, OH), the Crest Theatre (Delray Beach, FL), and the Cleveland Museum of Art (Cleveland, OH). He has programmed and accompanied two summer silent film series at the 1886 Hayesville Opera House in Hayesville, Ohio. Mr. Rubin also founded the Annual Lillian and Dorothy Gish Film Festival at the Lions Lincoln Theatre in Massillon, Ohio. The festival honored Massillon’s own Lillian Gish, “the first lady of the silent screen” and her sister Dorothy. For more information visit www.josephnrubin.com