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New Zealnd Federation of Coarse Anglers (NZFOCA)

posted 3 May 2015, 19:51 by Gaskit
Further to numerous requests from our members, both new and old as to 'What is NZFOCA ?', we thought we would ask the club representative to write a brief article. Therefore thanks Dave for the insight.

What is NZFOCA?

The overarching representative organisation for coarse fishermen in this country is the New Zealand Federation of Coarse Anglers (NZFOCA – or as the Aussies call us “a bunch of FOCAs!”).

According to its Constitution, the object of FOCA is to:

  • promote measures for the improvement of coarse fishing regulations,

  • to safeguard the aquatic environment as it affects freshwater fish,

  • to safeguard and prevent encroachment on the anglers rights and privileges,

  • to develop coarse fishing waters,

  • to promote and assist in the formation and development of new fishing clubs, and

  • to deal with other matters appertaining to coarse fishing and fisheries as they arise.

Membership of FOCA is open to angling clubs and individuals on payment of a small annual subscription which supports the above activities. This financial subscription also includes each member in the over arching FOCA public liability insurance cover.

Note: This is mandatory within the Canterbury Coarse Fishing club (as in the constitution) as we visit and fish on 3rd party properties. 

The Committee relies on volunteer officials from local angling clubs and is currently based in the Wellington region after many previous years in Auckland.

FOCA has developed “courteous” working relationships with the national offices of Fish and Game and the Department of Conservation, although as well all know it remains a challenge to progress our interests in the face of generally unsupportive attitudes and national policies.

FOCA also organises a national competition annually, either the NZ Championship or NZ Open, as well a representative team to contest the Trans Tasman Trophy fished against Australia. These activities, whilst contributing positively to the enjoyment of coarse angling in New Zealand and helping to bring like-minded anglers together, are not funded in any part by member subscriptions.


Dave Dixon