NZ Pole Floats......Produced and available locally!

posted 29 Jul 2019, 17:13 by Gaskit

Check out the options available for locally made quality pole floats

These are made here in Christchurch and available with the range increasing in the very near future. The current patterns were made specifically for the venues you are all able to fish.

They have been tested on those venues and have caught significant bags of fish.

The patterns will also soon be including specific patterns that have been designed for North Island venues and even Australian venues we have fished.

Get in touch!!

Trans Tasman 2016 - Hosting Bid Successful!!!

posted 12 Jul 2015, 19:59 by Gaskit

It is with great pleasure to announce the Canterbury Coarse Fishing Club has been successful yet again in our bid to host the Trans Tasman Event (2016) to be held at Rotokahatu, Christchurch.

We received great feedback from everyone in attendance at the 2012 event (except the fish that is....) and the support for a return to the South Island has been overwhelming for us.

The event is scheduled for week commencing the 7th February 2016, final details of the events format is still to be confirmed. Lets hope Team New Zealand can return to success on home turf!!

It appears to be an equally big event with good numbers rumoured to be making the journey across the ditch from Aussie.

As we did last time around, we will have the dedicated event page up and running, with a wealth of information for everyone attending and equally for those not attending.

Keep coming back as it will be updated with details on accommodation and travel deals that will ensure everyone enjoys the time in Christchurch and hopefully the fishing is fantastic.

We will also include and updated list of our event sponsors, as without the help and support of these groups we could not host such an event. The previous event held in Christchurch gained great support both locally and nationally!!

New Zealnd Federation of Coarse Anglers (NZFOCA)

posted 3 May 2015, 19:51 by Gaskit

Further to numerous requests from our members, both new and old as to 'What is NZFOCA ?', we thought we would ask the club representative to write a brief article. Therefore thanks Dave for the insight.

What is NZFOCA?

The overarching representative organisation for coarse fishermen in this country is the New Zealand Federation of Coarse Anglers (NZFOCA – or as the Aussies call us “a bunch of FOCAs!”).

According to its Constitution, the object of FOCA is to:

  • promote measures for the improvement of coarse fishing regulations,

  • to safeguard the aquatic environment as it affects freshwater fish,

  • to safeguard and prevent encroachment on the anglers rights and privileges,

  • to develop coarse fishing waters,

  • to promote and assist in the formation and development of new fishing clubs, and

  • to deal with other matters appertaining to coarse fishing and fisheries as they arise.

Membership of FOCA is open to angling clubs and individuals on payment of a small annual subscription which supports the above activities. This financial subscription also includes each member in the over arching FOCA public liability insurance cover.

Note: This is mandatory within the Canterbury Coarse Fishing club (as in the constitution) as we visit and fish on 3rd party properties. 

The Committee relies on volunteer officials from local angling clubs and is currently based in the Wellington region after many previous years in Auckland.

FOCA has developed “courteous” working relationships with the national offices of Fish and Game and the Department of Conservation, although as well all know it remains a challenge to progress our interests in the face of generally unsupportive attitudes and national policies.

FOCA also organises a national competition annually, either the NZ Championship or NZ Open, as well a representative team to contest the Trans Tasman Trophy fished against Australia. These activities, whilst contributing positively to the enjoyment of coarse angling in New Zealand and helping to bring like-minded anglers together, are not funded in any part by member subscriptions.


Dave Dixon

Health Benefits of Fishing

posted 6 Feb 2014, 17:44 by Gaskit

You already knew fishing was good for your health all along, but now science can back it up.
Angling can improve the condition of your heart, body and mind. Some of the health benefits of fishing include improving muscle dexterity through reeling and casting; absorbing fresh and a Vitamin D while your outside; and relaxing your mind through unplugging from our high-stress world. Take a look:
The above was originally sourced from Ted Carters

Notification - Club Match Date Change

posted 13 Jan 2014, 21:22 by Gaskit

All please note there has been a change to the club match schedule, an email has been issued by the match organiser (Tony Cooper) already but just to confirm.

Round 3 of the South Island Championships has been changed from the 9th February to Sunday 30th March. This change has taken place due to the number of anglers the club has attending the Trans Tasman and Nationals this year. 

All be it not conflicting fully it is good to give the guys attending chance to pack gear and compact for air travel without forgetting anything to costly to there week.

Many thanks for your understanding and co-operation to help the guys representing your club.

Let's wish them all the very best and hope we can see some silverware at the next AGM.

In addition to the above due to unfortunate form of quality the 1st round of the South Island was moved to Lake Hutchinson, therefore this coming weekends round 2 will be held at North End.

Next Club Match #3

posted 23 Nov 2013, 00:02 by Gaskit

Everyone remember the next club match of the year is upon us....

The match takes place at Lake Hutchinson next weekend (1st December 2013), the draw is 8:15am with fishing commencing at 9:00am through until 3:00pm. All being well we can here Tony scream "ALL OUT", you never know he might remember the bloody whistle!!

The venue has been fishing well over the last few weeks with reports of weights up to 60lb and fish up to 7lb+, so a great opportunity to compete with fish all around the lake. Although the water levels are up there are still plenty of areas to fish.

If you do intend to fish, please contact Tony Cooper (Match Organiser) to allow him to ensure pegs are laid out and in the draw bag.

If you don't fancy fishing the match then just come along and watch what goes on and have a laugh with us all. You never know it might spark something, and we see you at the next one....

All the best and tight lines...

Steve Gaskell

Trans-Tasman 2012 (Update)

posted 20 Nov 2011, 19:58 by Gaskit

Well we are well on our way and the event is closing in fast with it only 11 weeks away, you are likely thinking like me, i better start preparing! Oh and we still have Christmas between now and then....
We have 19 confirmed anglers from Australia with flights and accomodation booked, this will be one of the biggest visiting sides for the TT here in NZ, a great response! The Canterbury Club are amazed at the response and feedback on the opportunity to visit Christchurch and try out our venues.
It has been a really tough year for everyone here in Canterbury following the many earthquakes and now the mountain we have to climb to rebuild the city and mnay homes. Everyone deals with things in different ways, but one common aspect for us is that we can still get out fishing and just concentrate on that float!  
We are still working with suppliers and local companies to secure some great sponsorship, which will really showcase the event.
It will be soon time to confirm bait orders for those visiting and even those locals that require topping up on stocks for a good weeks fishing!
Should anyone still have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact Steve Gaskell ( or go through your team representatives.

Trans Tasman 2012 Information Portal....Goes Live!

posted 30 Jun 2011, 16:09 by Gaskit

For many years a number of our club members have been travelling across the ditches to Auckland, Wellington and Australia to compete in the Trans-Tasman International and also the New Zealand National competitions.
A couple of years ago the subject came up as to why the events had never been held in the South Island, the responses were all pretty much the same "We have not really tried". Well that was it....we thought, time to see what we have to offer...
We have a great venue in Rotokahatu, easy access with the airport only 10 minutes away, a multitude of accommodation options and of course the Cantabrian spirit!
So we approached NZFOCA with the idea and following attendance at the annual Canterbury Open event, the idea started to become reality. From then on and despit a hell of a few months thanks to the Canterbury earthquakes, we have the majority of the planning in place and now working with sponsors to make the first visit for the event to the South Island fantastic and one to remember!
So with the launch of the club website last year and the great responses, we thought why not make the communication and coverage of the event something special.
Therefore we have been busy over the last few weeks producing a dedicated web information portal for everyone to keep up to date on the goings on and news for the event. Check out the link below or on the club homepage...

TT 2012 Information Portal

NZ Coarse Fishing 'Gets it's moment on TV'

posted 7 Feb 2011, 21:27 by Gaskit   [ updated 30 Jun 2011, 16:46 ]

Well this may come as some what of a surprise to the most of you, in recent years Coarse Fishing in New Zealand has started to venture out in to the public eye. In the past the sport has been going on behind closed doors and somewhat of an underground operation.
This is now changing and for the betterment of everyone involved, as most of you already know our very own Dave Dixon writes a coarse fishing column for 'The Fishing Paper' that is distributed nationally. An opportunity arose through the editor Daryl Crimp to guest on his TV series "The Fishing Paper Show' which is aired on CTV and i now understand Nelson TV.
Following a few conversations between Dave and myself i was persuaded to take part, it was then discussed with the committee and thought to be a great idea and something we couldn't miss out on...
So the recording session was agreed and times confirmed and off i went for hair and make-up...yep you heard correct make-up!!
The show aired in early December 2010 on CTV and has now made it electronically on to the net, see video below:
Well the show went well and further opportunities are in the pipe line for TV coverage of future fishing events with the 2012 Trans Tasman/ Nationals to be held here in Christchurch the target. We will keep you posted on how things progress....
Steve Gaskell

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

posted 23 Dec 2010, 13:22 by Gaskit

Festive Season..
Well the year seems to have gone so quickly and winter seems like an age ago, however the festive season is upon us and everyone is rushing away from work and getting ready for the big day with last minute shooping having to take place!
From my point of view i guess shopping on Christmas Eve for presents is a little late but the weather the last few weekends has been to good to not get out on the waters edge for a few hours fishing, instead of that early shopping trip!!
I am sure a few of you will be using the break from work to take the opportunity to enjoy a few hours fishing and take a well earned rest from the pressures of the normal working week!
The committee would just like to thank everyone in the club both new and old for all your support of the last 12 months. It has been great to see so many people out fishing in both matches and pleasure sessions alike.
We certainly have plenty to be proud of this year, including the the launch of the clubs website, new safe access to pegs, new platforms at Roto, the catches now being seen at Hutchinson....the list goes on!
Best wishes to you and your families for Christmas and the New year, please be safe and lets look forward to a great 2011!
Again thanks and Merry Christmas to you all.

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