Golden Peg Competition

Following the success of the golden peg competition last year we will continue this for the new season, this adds to the excitement and of course the banter before, during and after the match!
The pot will continue to be limited to $100 per golden peg, this ensures we don't get people travelling to win big money. This is what became apparent in UK clubs and we are all for the money being won by our own anglers...
Therefore when each golden peg reaches the $100 limit we just start a second and draw two golden pegs out for each match.
Last season witnessed a few "GOLDEN BLOWOUTS" by some of our best anglers, it just seems when people draw the peg...things don't go to plan. We also had very close pay outs by Gary Dallimoore for the #1 $100 peg off noted peg 42 in the Twilight Lucky Dip with 58lb 6oz, however Steve Gaskell had other ideas from the opposite side of the lake from noted peg 8 with 60lb 4oz a mere 1lb 14oz was all that prevented the first Golden Peg payout.

So after the above blow outs and close calls, the first Golden Peg was won by Gary all be it very close. Well done!!!

So the Golden Peg #2 has finally been won, by Ray Bricknell during a patchy match at Lake Hutchinson with anglers only getting single digit bites and in a few instances no bites. Well done Ray a good win!!
Current Golden Peg Values (as 01/05/2015)
Golden Peg #1 - $100 - Won by Gary Dallimoore (2013/14 South Island Round 3 at Rotokahatu)
Golden Peg #2 - $100 - Won by Ray Bricknell (2014/15 Brian Hutchinson at Lake Hutchinson)

Golden Peg #3 - $96 - Won by Dean Sole (2014/15 Winter League Rd 2 at North End)
Golden Peg #4 - $0


1. "Golden Peg" competitions will run on Canterbury Coarse Fishing Club member only matches.

2. The "Golden Peg" pot will be competed for when 4 or more anglers enter into the event at any one match.

3. The cost of entry will be one pound ($2). Entry fees will be collected prior to the draw. Should the required number of 4 entries not be reached, all monies collected will be paid out as a winner-takes-all pool.

4. The "Golden Peg" will be drawn just prior to the main draw and the number of the Golden Peg" will be made known to all.

5. Should the "Golden Peg" not be drawn at the main draw, or not won on the day, all monies collected will be carried forward to the next event.

6. To win the "Golden Peg" pot an angler must record the best weight in the match from a peg deemed a "Golden Peg". In the event of a tied weight 50% of the "Golden Peg"pot will be paid out.

7. Should the "Golden Peg" pot reach $100 then a second “Golden Peg” kitty will be started and an additional peg drawn for each match noted as “Primary” and “Secondary”.

8. All money collected as entry fees to the "Golden Peg" contest will be added to the "Golden Peg" pot. Canterbury Coarse Fishing Club will not deduct any monies from this pot.

9. Should a competitor require a re-draw for whatever reason, that competitor will not be eligible for the "Golden Peg" prize money.

10. Any competitor with a grievance may bring it to the attention of the club committee by writing to the club secretary. This will be dealt with in accordance with club rules.

11. The rules are provisional and may be amended at any time. Notice will be given of any amendments.